July 7, 2022

Two Breton animated films for Christmas on Brezhoweb

Two Breton animated films for Christmas on Brezhoweb

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BREZHOWEB announcement

Spokesperson: Florent Grouin

Posted 12/22/21 9:11 AM – updated 12/22/21 9:11 AM

Merry Christmas on Brezhoweb Brezhoweb offers you two animated films in Breton for Christmas.

Director: Brezhoweb


Breton animated film Bec’h d’Al Loar.

For Christmas, the Brezhoweb television channel offers on its site two animated films dubbed in the Breton language, ideal for children in bilingual education, Nedeleg Dizerc’h (Will there be snow for Christmas) and Bec ‘h al Loar (the trip to the moon).

These animated films come to us from Norway, they follow the adventures of Solan and Ludvig, two animals with opposite characters (Solan the intrepid magpie, and Ludvig the careful hedgehog), both led by the brilliant inventor Feodor.

The two animated films are available on VOD from today on the site during this Christmas holiday period, until mid-January (1 month available), to watch for free on Brezhoweb

Bec’h d’Al Loar

synopsis: Every country in the world dreams of reaching the moon to plant their flag. Solan and Ludvig decide to try their luck aboard the rocket built by Féodor. Then begins an incredible space odyssey!

Bec’h D’al Loar (The Journey to the Moon) is the third part of the adventures of Solan and Ludvig trilogy. An adventure that will take them far from their small native village and transport us to the Moon!

Available until January 13

Nedeleg dizerc’h e Flåklypa

synopsis: It’s almost Christmas in Flåklypa. Like all the inhabitants, Solan and Ludvig are waiting for the snow. Alas, it does not fall … Their friend Feodor then decides to build an ultra-powerful snow cannon! But when the ambitious director of the local newspaper takes hold of the machine, Solan and Ludvig must take matters into their own hands to avoid disaster …

The first part of the trilogy, the film was released in Norway at the end of 2013. An action-packed, tender and quirky Christmas tale … The most popular Norwegian film of the last ten years, big hit at the box office, totaling nearly 1 million admissions for a population of 5 million!

Available until January 15th

Both films can be seen on Brezhoweb