January 24, 2022

Tom Holland admits his Spider-Man wasn’t really Spider-Man

Tom Holland reflects on the evolution of the character in No Way Home and admits that his Spider-Man was a little different.

Whereas Spider-Man : No Way Home is still ravaging everything at the international box office – to the point of overtaking the Titanic by James Cameron on American soil – it’s time to take stock of this first Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU. And say that there is a bridge between the Spider-Man by Sam Raimi and the macronist version of Jon Watts’ films sounds like a no-brainer.

Tom Holland has also testified by himself since the interpreter of the new generation Peter Parker confided in a promotional video for Japan on the evolution of his character in the new trilogy.

Attention, the statement of Tom Holland as well as the rest of the article quickly returns to the end of No Way Home: spoilers!

“It would be about growing up.”

“He really was Spider-Boy, and this movie is about his transformation into Spider-Man. It is about the evolution of Parker, his obligation to make his own decisions and his rise to be a full Avenger. And it was really cool to have the connection between me in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the person I am now, and the character that is Peter in Spider-Man: No Way Home. […]

[Spider-Man : No Way Home] is definitely the final chapter in the Homecoming series. Jon Watts did an exceptional job creating a kind of superhero that had never been shown before. The superhero movie about this kid who is in a small town and who is truly your everyday hero. The purpose of this movie is to move him into the adult world and turn him into Spider-Man. “

Spider-Man: Photo Tobey MaguireWhat is the real Spider-Man after all?

Tom Holland therefore returns to the childish character, if not downright childish, of his character in his three dedicated feature films. And how can we prove the actor wrong when we recall that the real starting point of Spider-Man : No Way Home is a magic trick Peter Parker asks Doctor Strange so that … his friends can go to college.

And after a whole fascinating intrigue carried out with generosity and enthusiasm (it is wrong), Spider-Man finally gives up his gadgets, his luxury apartment and incidentally the love of his life. And it is so, after three films each lasting more than 2h10, that the character realizes that great powers come with great responsibilities and that we don’t have everything we want in life.

Spider-Man : No Way Home : photo, Tom Holland, Alfred MolinaIn pursuit of originality!

And if Tom Holland admits that his Spider-Boy from the early films wasn’t quite the real Spider-Man yet, it’s true that the character that we recover at the end of the film resembles more than ever the previous adaptations of Spider-Man. The problem being that this backtracking makes pass to the forceps the idea that by being confronted with the weight of its inheritance, the only possible accomplishment for Parker is to start over in the same place as the previous Spider-Man : alone in his seedy apartment.

This is not to regret the kid Spider-Man exploited until then, but to understand that the whole issue of Spider-Man : No Way Home is to give fans what they want, namely rediscover the flavor of the comics or movies they enjoyed years ago. So it’s not in this third installment of the adventures of the Spider-Man in the MCU that we will find some renewal, unfortunately.

Perhaps Sam Raimi’s return behind the camera for a feature film – almost ten years after his Fantastic world of Oz of 2013 – will be able to give us back this excitement and that he will jostle us a little with his Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, scheduled for May 4, 2022, whose trailer was reposted recently, after it aired on the post-credits stage of No Way Home.