May 17, 2022

to see the films, you will have to pedal!

Until August 21, the Ciné Cyclo association is offering open-air stops around the cinema combining environmental awareness, cultural dissemination and… adventure! The originality of the approach? Everything is electrically autonomous, thanks to the energy produced by the spectator, in the saddle.

Following the Véloscénie route – a route that links Paris to Mont Saint-Michel by greenways, small marked roads and forest paths – the Ciné Cyclo association offers an original journey to say the least. The idea? Show films on solidarity and ecological initiatives – around ecological transition and biodiversity – but above all share a convivial moment in the open air. Several stops are planned in the coming days.

How it works ?

There is only one way: the spectators will have to pedal in order to provide the energy necessary to supply the generator operating the projector. The advantage: this cinema can be deployed anywhere, even on isolated sites.
While waiting for the sunset favorable to the diffusion of films, Ciné-Cyclo proposes quite eclectic activities. On the program: evenings of discussions between workshops to learn how to repair your bike, concerts, street theater, walks, tastings and even local mini-markets …

The Ciné-Cyclo program

Leaving Paris on July 31, the tour continues to Mont Saint-Michel. 9 evenings are scheduled until August 21. Access is free, but in order to guarantee a limited gauge, registration is required here.
Please note, each session is subject to the control of the health pass.
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06/08 Thiron-Gardais > 07/08 Nogent-Le-Rotrou > 08/08 Courboyer > 11/08 La-Roche-Mabile > 13/08 Pré-En-Pail-Saint-Samson > 17/08 Domfront In Poiraie > 18/08 Saint-Hilaire-Du-Harcouët > 19/08 The Mont Saint Michel

Header photo: Ciné Cyclo

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