January 23, 2022

To replace Christmas movies, our selection of books

BOOKS – We are used to watching romantic or funny movies and TV dramas when the Christmas season rolls around. But have you ever thought about reading books that take place during the holiday season?

The HuffPost offers you below a 100% Christmas selection of novels and audio books to change from the usual TV movies. Comedy, fantasy, thriller, romance, all genres are waiting for you.

1. The Christmas girl

In this tale written by Franck Bondoux, Father Christmas wakes up one morning completely ill, undoubtedly touched by the terrible “Christmas gift fever”. Forced to rest, it is his daughter who must replace him at short notice. Only here, if this one is prepared since its childhood to take over, it also has a sacred character and a behavior which does not respect precisely the traditions of the Kingdom and Christmas.

Things get even more complicated when a strange series of catastrophes begins to occur which seem to owe nothing to chance … Taking advantage of the absence of Santa Claus, the dark creatures who remained lurking in the shadows feel themselves pushing wings and plot to sabotage the making and delivery of gifts. In this audio tale against a background of ecological awareness, it is the singer Shy’m, who lends her voice to the heroine. The Christmas Girl will be available from December 16, free on Audible for subscribers.

2. A Christmas carol

(Re) dive into the 19th century thanks to Charles Dickens in his book A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge is the only person in the world who hates Christmas and refuses all proposals to celebrate this holiday. For him, this celebration is nothing but foolishness which serves to hide the misery of this society. But Christmas spirits decide otherwise.

They come to visit Ebenezer Scrooge and change his evening. The embittered old man then receives a lesson in life. A Christmas Carol is available from 3.60 euros, depending on the edition.

3. Christmas at River Falls

The town of River Falls is preparing to celebrate Christmas but a tragedy shakes the festivities and rekindles the sorrows of the past. A teenager is found dead in a cabin while another managed to escape. No one knows what happened and many hypotheses are emerging.

Has this teenager been the target of a sexual pervert? Is it an act of revenge, because he had assaulted a homosexual? As for the surviving teenager, he comes from a religious community installed in an area that belonged to a serial murderer. The book Christmas at River Falls by Alexis Aubenque is available in Pocket Book editions from 8.20 euros depending on the edition.

4. We turkeys …

An audio comedy disguised as a Christmas tale that slips into the skin of a Christmas turkey ready to be eaten. We turkeys … tells the reader the story of a turkey, how it is chosen and by whom.

She recounts all her adventures, her encounters, but also the worries that there are in the family where she finds herself. Arguments break out on Christmas Eve, and some relationships break down while others are born. Actress Tatiana Werner plays the turkey in this audiobook, written with Xavier Mauduit, available for free on Audible when you have a subscription.

5. Christmas at the little bakery

A gourmet and mysterious novel at the same time. Jenny Colgan takes us into the life of Polly Waterford, a baker. But as the holiday season approaches, Polly is overwhelmed! She only wants one thing: to spend a romantic New Year’s Eve with Huckle, her companion.

But when Poly’s best friend arrives in her town to reveal a terrible secret about her past, Polly suddenly sees her future darken.
Will she succeed in facing her past? Will she manage to get her life back on track? The novel Christmas at the little bakery is available from 7.60 euros and also as an audiobook.

6. Save Christmas

London, 1854. Gloria Pickwick, a governess joins forces with Harold, a little boy to conquer Evil. This lady runs Lord Balmour’s house and is suspicious of the new neighbor, Baron Ahriman. Who is that man? He never leaves his house and his shutters are always closed. A stagecoach led by six black horses brings people to his house, people whom we never see again!

On Christmas Eve, all of Lord Balmour’s children go to bed excitedly, dreaming of the next day. But Santa Claus never came. A wave of sadness swept over London. A house celebrates that day and it is that of the baron. This is too much for Gloria and Harold who take the matter in hand. Thanks to unusual reinforcements: elves, a fairy, geese gifted with words, their objective is to save Christmas. The novel Save Christmas by Romain Sardou is available from 6.18 euros depending on the edition.

7. No Christmas this year

This year, the Krank family will not be celebrating Christmas and prefer to treat themselves to a Caribbean cruise. But the neighbors oppose this decision. Because each year they go to great lengths to win the prize for the most beautiful decorations in the district, and there is no question for them to be deprived of it, because the family refuses to light up their garden and hang decorations on them. the roof!

The resistance is organized to force them to give up their vacation. The life of the Kranks becomes hell. In his novel No Christmas this year, John Grisham delivers a satire on “the American way of life”. The book is available from 6.20 euros depending on the edition.

8. Christmas fires

Marie-Bernadette Dupuy takes you to Colmar in France in 1924. Lisel Schmitt is twenty-two years old and works in a ladies’ clothing workshop as a first hand. After spending a year in Paris, working in a prestigious fashion house, she dreams of creating her own models and making a career. But her life is turned upside down when a fire breaks out in the store where she works.

Trapped in the burning building, she was burned in the hands, but was narrowly saved by Heinrich Keller, a firefighter. It’s love at first sight for the two of them, but Lisel is faced with a terrible secret, which could shatter all of her dreams. The book Christmas fires is available from Calmann Levy editions at a price of 19.90 euros.

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