January 26, 2022

three cult Japanese films to (re) see!

The Ring, released in 1998.

Rediscover three masterpieces of Japanese cinema. Three extreme films, deeply disturbing and provocative, sailing in troubled waters. It’s J-Horror Night at the Gérardmer International Fantastic Film Festival!

Audition (1999)

“Shigeharu Aoyama, a film producer, widowed for seven years, accepts on the advice of his colleague Yoshikawa, to organize an audition for an imaginary film in order to find a new wife. He finds the rare pearl in the person of Asami Yamasaki, a sweet and intelligent young woman. He immediately falls in love with her and, without revealing his subterfuge to her, begins to maintain a relationship with her. While on an oceanfront getaway, Asami disappears. Aoyama’s investigation reveals a distressing secret: the disappearance and murder of several people. As he begins to understand Asami’s true personality, Asami reappears and everything falls into a nightmare. “

Réalisé par Takashi Miike, avec Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina, Tetsu Sawaki, Jun Kunimura, Renji Ishibashi, Miyuki Matsuda et Toshie Negishi.

Ring | The Ring (1998)

“Tokyo, at the end of the 2000s, a rumor spread among teenagers: watching a mysterious video cassette would cause certain death after a week. After the inexplicable death of her niece, journalist Reiko Asakawa decides to investigate but finds herself under the curse. During the seven days that remain to her to live, she will have to go back to the origin of the fatal video and face the specter that haunts televisions: Sadako. “

Réalisé par Hideo Nakata, avec Nanako Matsushima, Miki Nakatani, Yûko Takeuchi, Hitomi Satô, Yôichi Numata et Hiroyuki Sanada.

Dark Water (2002)

“In the process of divorce, Yoshimi and her six-year-old daughter Ikuko move into a dilapidated apartment building on the outskirts of Tokyo. As they try to acclimate to their new life mysterious phenomena occur. Who is this little girl in a yellow raincoat walking in the halls? Why does a little red child’s bag keep appearing in Ikuko’s hands? What is the origin of these runoffs which spread on the walls and the ceiling of their apartment? A threat from beyond will try to separate the mother from her daughter. “

Réalisé par Hideo Nakata, avec Hitomi Kuroki, Mirei Oguchi, Asami Mizukawa, Shigemitsu Ogi, Yu Tokui, Isap Yatsu et Kumiyo Kohinata.

29th Gérardmer International Fantastic Film Festival
January 26-30, 2022