January 24, 2022

Three comedies for CNC genre film support



– Were selected The queens of the drama by Alexis Langlois, Ideal Soul by Alice Vial and The Syndrome of past loves by Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni

Director Alexis Langlois, who receives support from the CNC for his first feature, The queens of the drama

After a first and a third edition devoted to projects in the vein of “fantasy, science fiction and horror” and a second session dedicated to musicals, it was comedies that were in the sights of the selective aid allocated each year by the CNC to genre films. And after hearing the pre-selected filmmaker-producer duos, three scenarios were chosen from the 56 submitted.

The CNC will therefore support The queens of the drama which will be the first featureAlexis Langlois. Written by the director with Thomas Colineau and Charlotte Janon, the scenario plunges into 2055. Steevyshady, a 65-year-old Youtuber, posts a video on Mimi4Ver, his channel dedicated to Mimi Madamour, a singer for teens from the 00’s, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hands off !, his biggest hit. The lifted man films himself in his teenage bedroom, still covered with posters of the star. He confesses to having dragged her through the mud, because he never accepted his romance with punk singer Billie Kolher. Today, Steevy wants to pay tribute to them by telling their story… The production will be led by Ines Daïen for Les Films du Poisson.

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Another first feature project is among the lucky winners: Ideal Soul d’Alice Vial who signed the screenplay with Jean-Toussaint Bernard. The protagonists of the plot? A dead man who does not know he is dead. A medium in the middle of sentimental nothingness who manipulates this soul in pain, making him believe that he is alive… “A romantic comedy, because it is one, which starts on very bad foundations” as the mini-synopsis ironically underlines . Production is ensured by Jean-Marie Antonini for Films Between 2 and 4.

Finally, the genre film support has distinguished The Syndrome of past loves which will be the second feature of the Belgian duo Ann SirotRaphael Balboni, very noticed with Crazy life [+lire aussi :
interview : Raphaël Balboni & Ann Sirot
fiche film
(which has just received 12 Magritte nominations). Written by the two filmmakers, the screenplay centers on Rémy and Sandra who are unable to have children because they suffer from “Past Love Syndrome”. To heal, there is only one solution: they must sleep once again with all their exes… The production is controlled by Delphine Schmit and Guillaume Dreyfus for the Parisian company Tripode Productions.

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