January 29, 2022

they played their own roles alongside Juliette Binoche

Presented at Cannes in 2021, the film “Ouistreham” by Emmanuel Carrère saw its snettle delayed due to the health crisis. It is finally this Wednesday, January 12, 2022 that it is released in theaters. From the book by Florence Aubenas, “Le Quai de Ouistreham” published in 2010, he tells the story of precarious workers. The journalist had come for several months in the Caen region and had immersed herself under a false identity in their daily life. The role of Florence Aubenas is played by Juliette Binoche. But other than her, non-professional actors and actresses star in the film.

Hélène, Evelyne, Patricia, Léa, Didier … he and they were all cleaners when the movie was shot. Emilie Madeleine plays her own role in the ferry cleaning team.I worked with Florence Aubenas, she says, but there is such a “turn over” on board that for me she was a colleague like any other. She therefore lived through this infernal pace, three minutes flat to make a cabin, and also the dirt of people … It must be said, it’s a very hard job“.

Hélène Lambert, she was a maintenance worker in a school at the time. She was “cast” for the film at the temp agency. In the film, she becomes friends with Mariane Winckler, played by Juliette Binoche.She’s really a very benevolent person who has put herself at our level, even though she has made several films, that she is still a star.In life, they continue to give each other news.

“Cannes, it was unbelievable!” tells Evelyne

And the whole small band has remained in contact in Caen and sees each other regularly. It must be said that they still climbed the stairs together in Cannes, during the presentation of the film at the opening of the directors’ fortnight. And that Evelyne Porée, who plays the role of team leader on the ferry, is not about to forget her. “It was incredible, there is no other word, unbelievable! Even though it was a little too hot for me, she jokes, we had the chance to experience that!

Evelyne and all the others hope that the outlook on those we call the “invisible” will finally change with the film.

And note that if the film is called “Ouistreham”, it could not be shot in the port of Calvados. The Britanny ferries and the city did not want to. The port scenes were therefore shot in Cherbourg and Rotterdam. “It’s a refusal that I regret, indicates Emmanuel Carrère, the director. “It doesn’t hurt the film, but it’s a shame“.

Find the entire interview that Emmanuel Carrère gave to France Bleu Normandie when he came to Caen for the preview screening of the film on October 10, 2021.

The writer and director Emmanuel Carrère when he came to Caen to present the film in preview on October 10, 2021. © Radio France
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