January 26, 2022

the success of popular comedies in France




Article written by

M.Buisson, R.Asencio, C.Beauvalet

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France Televisions

As the health situation deteriorates, the need to forget and to laugh has become paramount, as evidenced by the immense success of the film, “Les Bodin’s in Thailand “, while the film” The Shower 4″ arrive in dark rooms at the beginning of December.

In Lille (North), the film The Tuche 4 was broadcast in preview in the presence of the actors. 3000 spectators were present in the room, in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. A film that has, it seems, seduced the first viewers, delighted to see films where they can laugh so much. To see The Tuche 4 at the cinema, you will have to wait until December 8.

The film Bodins in Thailand are youa very French comedy like the Tuche which also appeals to the French. Indeed, the latter believe that this film represents a part of France. Richard Patty, President of the National Federation of French Cinemas confirms that the greatest French box office successes are The big mop, Welcome to the Ch’tis, which are popular and “franchouillarde” comedies. In addition, these comedies also highlight the growing gap between the capital and the rest of France. Indeed, in Paris, the Bodins are only showing in two rooms.