May 22, 2022

the Netflix film will bring back an actor from the first film

The Netflix sequel to Chainsaw Massacre offers an actor who gave a well-known gimmick from the first film of the saga.

Chainsaw Massacre, which will follow directly on the first film from 1974 (via the “denial of other parts” box) is revealed a little more, while its broadcast on Netflix is ​​scheduled for February 18. A first angry teaser had already raised the sauce, and announced Leatherface’s retirement. But more than pictures, the production did not fail to play on a certain nostalgic fiber.

First of all, by announcing the return of a cult character from the saga, but in the guise of another actress (the character having taken fifty years, the logic is saved). This time, the vice is pushed even further, because another character from the first opus of Chainsaw Massacre will return, but this time with the same actor.

Another victim for Leatherface?

Variety relayed the news: John Larroquette, who had dramatically lent his voice at the start of the film, in order to tell the story that was going to be seen by the spectators, will return in the 2022 version of Netflix. An element of continuity that director David Blue Garcia deemed necessary and comforting:

“I felt it was important to honor the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre at every opportunity. John Larroquette’s voice is iconic in the opening of the first film, and we thought it would help set ours in place. is also a subtle way of telling fans that they are in good hands.”

Fifty years separating the making of the first film from this sequel will not allow us to hide that the voice of Larroquette took from the bottle, but the gimmick will still be recognizable. The character who is not really one thus joins the league of old timers with Sally Hardesty, now camped by Olwen Fouere. Moreover, Leatherface joins Sally in the camp of the recastés, since it will henceforth be embodied by Mark Burnham.

Obviously, the main cast will above all be made up of new faces (like Sarah Yarkin and Elsie Fisher). Young people who, according to the confessions of the actors, go to party in a ghost town, without realizing that it was occupied by a Leatherface who was trying to live his most peaceful life, far from all temptation. Inevitably, the bazaar will awaken in him murderous impulses. Enough to deliver a beautiful narration, which we will hear on February 18, 2022 on Netflix.