January 23, 2022

the movies are not rated-r and the fans go wild

The Batman is not Rated-R but PG-13, it’s official! A news which divides the fans since some are very annoyed.

The Batman is finally classified PG-13 – Credit: YouTube screenshot

The Batman is the blockbuster of the year 2022 for many spectators. After the trilogy The Dark Knight and the interpretation of Ben Affleck, Matt Reeves offers a new iteration of the character. For the occasion, Robert Pattinson dons the costume of a young vigilante. Several extracts have been unveiled by Warner and confirm that the feature film risks being brutal, very violent. But against all odds, the Motion Picture Association of America classified it… PG-13. We are far from the Rated-R of productions like Deadpool. Enough to unleash fans on social networks and more specifically Twitter.

Fans are torn over the classification of The Batman

Image 2: The Batman: The Movies Are Not Rated-R And The Fans Go Wild
A classification that divides – Credit: Warner Bros.

As amazing as it sounds, The Batman will not be Rated-R. And on Twitter, the fans are going wild! If one of them tempers, specifying that ” the best movie “On the character is PG-13 (The Dark Knight), others literally belch! Another agrees: ” Why the hell did some people think The Batman was going to be Rated-R? And why do they think such a rating makes it better than a PG-13 movie? ».

Another believes Matt Reeves will push the PG-13 in its last entrenchments. That it won’t be a slick teenage feature film. Among the pissed off, one fan believes that ” adults pay to go to the movies »And that he will not see a PG-13 film, just that!

One internet user says his hype for the film has disappeared while another thinks a Rated-R would have been ” fire ». In short, the reactions seem mixed. On the one hand, fans happy with this classification. On the other, the discontented. Those hoping for more blood, violence, an approach worthy of certain comics.

The Batman arrives on May 2, 2022 in French theaters.

Source : WGTC