July 1, 2022

The making and production of short films and documentaries is booming in Vierzon

Music, theater and the plastic and creative arts are well represented in the cultural ecosystem of Vierzon. But today, we also have to rely on the cinema.

The city has attracted several audiovisual production structures which have decided to settle there and make short films, documentaries and company films. The second city of Cher even caught the eye of director Louis-Julien Petit (Discount, Carole matthieu, The invisible), which is preparing, for June 2022, the Film Festival of Tomorrow, a national meeting around cinema, on social themes.

Documentaries to “promote the city”

“Vierzon is a land of welcome! As we are well received, we want to promote the city ”, recognizes Coralie Ballerat, image professional who created, almost ten years ago, the company Élément audiovisuel, specializing in filming, editing and production. distribution of company films and documentaries.

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Living in Sologne with her companion, Xavier Gasselin, also documentary director, Coralie Ballerat has chosen to settle in Vierzon. After several years at the Sologne technological park, she moved a few months ago to a local in the city center.

Coralie Ballerat has just completed a 52-minute film on the city of Vierzon and its surroundings

Today, in addition to working on corporate films, Coralie Ballerat co-produces, produces or directs documentaries. In 2020, she produced a 52 minutes, released on DVD, in which, through beautiful images, she highlighted the city and its basin. “And I am working on another project highlighting the Berry Canal, in a way Close call (France 5 channel travel show, Editor’s note). It will be a film or a series of short films where we will meet people linked to the channel, ”she explains.

Shooting of the short film The Foreign Land in Vierzon

Among the image professionals who have chosen to settle in Vierzon, there is also Naël Zaiti-Ruelle, Titouan Le Gouis and Martin Schrepel. The three young filmmakers, who met in Avignon (Vaucluse) and Paris, put their suitcases in the Cher nearly a year ago, by creating their short film production company, Prism studio de cinéma. Their first film, Foreign land, was shot last spring, in Vierzon, in reconstructed sets in the Madeleine-Sologne room and the exhibition center. It was presented on November 8, at the Ciné Lumière.

The trio chose the city for its proximity to Paris, the support policy of the Center-Val-de-Loire region, even if they would like it to be “more ambitious for short films”, and the active support of the city.

In Vierzon, three young filmmakers created their short film production company and shot their first short film

Since then, they have “shot several music videos, including one at the Mac-Nab theater, with a Parisian artist. And we want to attract others ”. Currently, the three friends are working on the broadcast of Foreign Land, but also on a new short film project. “The film, which will be directed by Titouan, obtained a grant from the National Cinema Center (CNC). We hope to shoot in Vierzon next year, but it will depend on regional aid ”, specify the young filmmakers who aim to acquire a building that will be transformed into a film studio for their shoots and those of interested professionals, but also to introduce other young people to cinematographic creation.Filming at Ledger for the documentary by Coralie Ballerat, of Element audiovisual, in 2020.

Initiating creation, filming and promoting the city through films, this is the whole process of Dorian Degoutte, a director from Haute-Savoie who came to settle in Vierzon, his mother’s hometown.

The young director created the association Vierzon Cinéma, with a place of creation and artistic residence, rue Joffre. Dorian Degoutte is working in particular on the making of a documentary. “My subject is the city. She fascinates me. I am animated by the history and the news of this city. It passes through the inhabitants, the places, the history. It is a city of shifts, of contrasts. And all of that is very visual and needs to be filmed, ”adds Dorian Degoutte, who has already started shooting images for this film which could be unveiled in the summer of 2022.

Dorian Degoutte films those who shape the city of Vierzon

But before this long-term project, he worked on another documentary, entitled Fiesta. “I’m going to film my last trip with a car, a Ford Fiesta, inherited from my grandfather. The starting point will be Vierzon to reach Detroit, in the United States ”, indicates the director who received, for this film, a subsidy from the Center-Val-de-Loire region and the support of the city of Vierzon.

Audiovisual production structures are booming. The city also has Color Inside Films, a documentary and fictional film production company for television and new media created in Vierzon at the end of 2019 by Emilie Ricard. The professional intervened in particular at the Albert-Camus college, within the framework of a project with the association Berruyère Antre Peaux.

Yassine Azoug