July 6, 2022

The French fantasy film is revealed in a disturbing teaser

After a stint at the Deauville festival, the fantastic film with Ana Girardot unveils its first images in a mysterious teaser.

Despite its first four months without open cinemas, French cinema was able to provide, in 2021, a certain number of proofs of the great diversity of its production. Between the sci-fi movie The Last Trip, the melancholy tale Little mom, the acid comedy Blood oranges, the paranoid thriller Black Box, musical comedy tol-de-rol, the ghostly drama Hug me tight and the Christmas comedy The Tuches 4 : no matter what one thinks of these films, they undoubtedly testify to the great liveliness of French film production.

And this is not Arnaud Malherbe’s first feature film, Ogre, which will make us change our minds on the subject. Indeed, the creator of the Arte series Moloch rubs shoulders here with the fantastic thriller. We will discover Ana Girardot in the role of a mother who starts a new life, with her son, in the Morvan, but who will be confronted with strange events. This feature film thus revealed itself in an intriguing first teaser.

These first images show us the Morvan under a dark, mysterious and oppressive atmosphere. There is little detail on the plot, but Giovanni Pucci’s voice resonates off and announces an impending threat that disrupts the calm of the surrounding lake. The bright one Ana Girardot is finally barely visible in the teaser, until a final, frightened look at camera, which reacts to the growl of a creature which precedes the appearance of the title of the film.

The careful photography of the feature film accompanies the elegance of what is shown to us of the cutting and composition of the shots. The staging of this teaser, with a lot of emphasis on location and atmosphere, suggests that the film will rather play the card of the sensory than that of the demonstrative gore.

The spectators after Ogre?

Even though the returns to the film during the Deauville festival were rather mixed, the film has something to intrigue by its singularity in the French cinematographic landscape, but also thanks to the presence of Ana Girardot, whom we have still seen excelling last year in the film Fifth Set and the series The flame on Canal +. RegardingOgre, we will have to wait for the film’s release on March 9, 2022 to really know if Arnaud Malherbe’s first feature film is capable of devouring us.