January 26, 2022

“The films of the sun”, it’s over! This institution in Marseille lowers the curtain definitively after thousands of reports around the world

After 68 years of existence, the essential production company in Marseilles and in France, recognized by all the television channels, is putting an end to its history. It has seen many journalists and technicians pass through, and above all has made it possible to broadcast hundreds of hours of news throughout the world.

Barack Obama’s Campaign for six months, dozens of live broadcasts a day, what a memory!”. Jacques Hubinet can talk for hours about the incredible professional and human adventures he has experienced and shared.

Like this day of filming in the Amazon on a canoe, where an anaconda longer than the boat came to accompany the filming.

“Les films du Soleil”, in Saint Barnabé in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille, was founded by his father Jean Hubinet 68 years ago and it is an institution.

For a very long time, the one and only company to offer Broadcast audiovisual services for all television channels in France, Europe and the world, such as live broadcasts, film shooting, etc.

And from the age of 19, Jacques, now 76, took over the family business on the death of his father. It has been able to evolve with the times and adapt its offer to demand and the evolution of audiovisual professions. To the point of becoming the largest French production company with retransmission satellite trucks, 17 in total, at the time of the sale in 2015.

A sale which is also partly responsible for the cessation of current activity.

According to Jacques Hubinet, buyers have “never paid the expected amount“, he would have been duped and did not see the scam.

A moral and financial blow that the company is struggling to take. Subsequently the sale of part of the activity by “unserious buyers” is long overdue: The fact that at 76, Jacques Hubinet preferred to throw in the towel.

It’s very hard to fire people with whom we have worked for years and with whom we have forged ties, but we no longer have a choice.“, admits sadly Jacques Hubinet.

But for all that, he assures him “I’m not going to retire, I still have equipment and projectss”. The traveler never satisfied with encounters and images will therefore continue to tell the world differently.

If we had to sum up the journey: “it’s a great professional adventure but above all human, how lucky we were to do everything we did

It has been 56 years since Jacques Hubinet was at the head of “Films du Soleil”, a Marseilles company above all. He still collaborates with “Plus belle la vie” for a few months and continues to digitize old documentaries and reports. But for how much longer?

We had the chance to meet extraordinary people, to travel to the four corners of the world, to participate in colossal productions“, recalls Jacques Hubinet.

Now you can send video with a sim card, before you needed a satellite truck, we used to go on big shoots with 20 people, trucks, now you can do almost anything with a cell phone“, notes the entrepreneur without bitterness but with realism.

Like when they were filming the Serre-Ponçon dam. “Unforgettable memories of the teams and the means deployed, of all the necessary logistics too“.

Times have changed and the means too, it is no longer the same writing, nor the same quality“, laughs Jacques Hubinet, remembering “thehas heaviness of the means of the time with telex, etc…

Take for example the helicopter, we spent hours making beautiful plans, we did it several times, and now the drones do everything quickly and perfectly”, explains the lover of beautiful images.

It does not make the dinosaur in danger of extinction, because this end of adventure does not sign the end of the activity, on the contrary” all this new technology opens up new perspectives for other uses“.

The building will be sold, finished the recognizable storefront among a thousand in Saint-Barnabé in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille.

It was a pleasure job, sometimes and often very hard, but a passionate job”, ends Jacques Hubinet .

For the nostalgic, Jacques Hubinet assures him, an association “Les films du Soleil” will see the light of day to be able to keep the immense documentary treasure accumulated over the years, nearly 400 documentaries in particular.