July 1, 2022

The films and series to watch on Salto in October 2021: The North Water, Stargirl, Zodiac … – News Séries

Salto has just unveiled its program for the month of October. Between the new season 1 of “The North Water” with Colin Farrell, the season 4 in US + 24 of “All Americans” and the collection of films of David Fincher, you will not be bored!


Upcoming series

8 OCTOBER : The North Water – saison 1 Drame / Thriller
Henry Drax is a brutal murderer residing on the ice floes of the Arctic. Patrick Sumner, a disgraced army medic sets out on an expedition, hoping to escape the horrors of his past. Sumner then finds himself aboard the same ship as Drax. He will have to fight for his survival …

Avec Jack O’Connell, Colin Farrell, Stephen Graham…

OCTOBER 15 : Stargirl – saison 1 Science-fiction / Action
High school student Courtney Witmore aka Stargirl is teaming up with the Justice Society of America to fight villains of the past and present.

With Brec Bassinger, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington

OCTOBER 26 : All American – saison 4 en US+24 Drama
Spencer James, a young athlete from the difficult neighborhoods of the Los Angeles suburbs, is recruited by the prestigious Beverly Hills High, to join the high school American football team. While trying to adapt to this new, very easy environment, in which he is not necessarily welcome, Spencer then begins a new life, which will lead him little by little, but not without pitfalls, towards his dream: to become professional footballer.

With Daniel Ezra, Bre-Z, Taye Diggs

Series to (re) discover

October 1st : Charmed – seasons 1 to 8 Drama / Fantasy
The three Halliwell sisters learn to use their new magical powers to fight against Evil …

With Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Shannen Doherty

OCTOBER 7 : The Pack – season 1 Drama / Thriller
Police, investigating the disappearance of a young girl, discover an online game that trains men to assault women.

Avec Antonia Zegers, María Gracia Omegna, Daniela Vega

8 OCTOBER : Doc – season 1 Medical / Drama
Doctor Fanti, who, after being shot in the head by the father of one of his patients, loses all memory of the last 12 years of his life. Stripped of years of memories, his only option not to go mad is to agree to start over as a physician at the foot of the totem pole but enriched in his profession by a rediscovered empathic connection with his patients.

Avec Luca Argentero, Matilde Gioli, Gianmarco Saurino

OCTOBER 15 : The Enfield Mystery – Season 1 Horror / Thriller
Summer 1977, Peggy Hodgson and her four children experience very strange phenomena in their new home in Einfield. She then called on Maurice Grosse, a researcher starting out in the paranormal, to lead the investigation. He is assisted by Guy Lyon Playfair, an experienced investigator who approaches this case with skepticism.

Avec Timothy Spall, Matthew Macfadyen, Rosie Cavaliero

22 OCTOBER : Believe – saison 1 Science-fiction / Action
Bo, at age 10, is endowed with mysterious powers, but hardly discovers it. Orphan, she witnesses the murder of her new adoptive parents. The woman who murdered them was on a mission to recover the young girl. Hunted, she must now hide. She is protected by a man who has just escaped from prison, helped and recruited by a secret organization. Together, they travel the United States …

Avec Johnny Sequoyah, Jake McLaughlin, Delroy Lindo

The main upcoming films

October 1st : Collection David Fincher
Gone Girl
Social Network
Millenium: men who didn’t like women
Fight Club

8 OCTOBER : Pride Collection
I love you Phillip Morris
Harvey Milk
Dallas Buyers Club
Billy Elliot