July 1, 2022

“The Event”, “House of Gucci”, “Encanto” … Movie reviews in theaters next week

6:00 p.m., November 20, 2021

The event ****

From Audrey Diwan with Anamaria Vartolomei, Luana Bajrami. 1h40.

The event.

(Wild Bunch)

In 1963, Anne, a brilliant student of literature, prepared diligently for her exams. When she realizes that she is pregnant, she wants to have an abortion. But the weeks go by and the “angel makers” do not run the streets … Audrey Diwan adapts the eponymous novel by Annie Ernaux and opts for a very tight frame of the image in order to transcribe on the screen the confusion of a young girl left to her own devices in a society where young people are condemned, out of wedlock, to sexual frustration. Revealed as a child with My Little Princess, Anamaria Vartolomei, on edge, is simply overwhelming in courage and intelligence. A well-deserved Golden Lion in Venice for this punchy film. B.T.

House of Gucci ***

From Ridley Scott, with Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons. 2h37.

House of Gucci.

House of Gucci.

(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures)

During a trendy evening, Patrizia Reggiani meets Maurizio Gucci, heir to the famous Italian luxury brand… By adapting the book taken from this true story to the cinema, Ridley Scott finds a madly romantic material: passions, betrayals, manipulations, revenge and murder on a jet set! Lady Gaga radiates in this role of ambitious and complex composition, from rise to fall. A gripping and uplifting three-act tragedy, which shines with its three-star cast and actor numbers (phenomenal Jared Leto). What to forget a few lengths. S.B.

Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family ***

De Jared Bush et Byron Howard. 1 h 43.

Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family.

Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family.

(Walt Disney Germany)

After being driven from their village, the Madrigal family found refuge in the heart of the mountains of Colombia. Each individual has a gift except Mirabel… The 60th film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, a joyful, colorful and dynamic musical, mixes themes such as the shock of generations, transmission and children as a hope to change the world. This initiatory story breaks the codes by featuring a heroine on the margins seeking her place within a clan that is breaking up. An entertainment full of humanity and magic based on the very inspired libretto by composer Lin-Manuel Miranda. S.B.

Supreme **

By Audrey Estrougo. With Théo Christine, Sandor Funtek, Felix Lefebvre, César Chouraqui. 1h52.



(Gianni Giardinelli)

In 1989 in Saint-Denis, Bruno Lopes and Didier Morville allied to give its letters of nobility to a French rap still in its infancy. In two years, they spend MJC at the Zénith. To tell the NTM epic, Audrey Estrougo chooses to focus on the very collective genesis of the group of 93. A period film, carried by the impeccable performances of Théo Christine (JoeyStarr) and Sandor Funtek (Kool Shen). Without seeking mimicry, they embody rappers with authenticity. Between humor and darkness, socio-political radiography and introspection (Joey and his demons), the film traces the meteoric rise, with live sequences (played without playback) which restore the unbridled energy of the tandem. E.M.

In his lifetime **

By Emmanuelle Bercot, with Benoît Magimel, Catherine Deneuve, Cécile de France, Gabriel Sara. 2h.

In his lifetime.

In his lifetime.


A theater teacher is diagnosed with incurable cancer. His mother will accompany him as best as possible during his last days … How to prepare for the absence? This is the question Emmanuelle Bercot tries to answer with this assumed melodrama which deals with the end of life head-on, from the point of view of caregivers (here iconoclasts) as of those around the patient. This story, the outcome of which we know, may at first seem theoretical. But very quickly the masks fall and the emotion takes over thanks to characters overflowing with humanity. What to forgive some facilities of the scenario. S.B.

At dusk **

De Sharunas Bartas, avec Marius Povilas, Elijas Martinenko. 2 h 08.

At dusk.

At dusk.

(Shellac Films)

In 1948, the inhabitants of a Lithuanian village faced Soviet oppression. A young man wants to join the guerrillas in the forest. Sharunas Bartas looks back on a painful episode in the history of his country in this war film mixed with family drama where the form, beautiful but stripped, marries the substance, faithful to reality and devoid of romantic impulses. The spectator will see only one battle. Death and danger lurk throughout, however, the filmmaker deploying an oppressive atmosphere over his still shots. He takes his time, even if it means dragging on for a long time. It’s also a powerful story that touches something universal. Bap.T.

Resident Evil: welcome to Raccoon City **

By Johannes Roberts, with Kaya Scodelario and Robbie Amell. 1 h 47.

Resident Evil: welcome to Raccoon City.

Resident Evil: welcome to Raccoon City.

(Metropolitan FilmExport)

Chris and Claire, brother and sister, grew up in an orphanage in Raccoon City, the headquarters of a pharmaceutical giant who indulges in unnatural experiences … Good surprise that this reboot of the horror saga inspired by the famous video game , who had given birth to six films and inevitably slipped into the Z series. By choosing a realistic anchoring that summons the current anxieties of the pandemic, a resolutely anxiety-provoking atmosphere and unknown actors, this effective prequel starts again on a healthy basis, while treating his homage to the game. S.B.

Lebanon 1982 **

By Oualid Mouaness with Nadine Labaki, Mohamad Dali, Alya Khaldi, Rodrigue Sleiman. 1h40.

Lebanon 1982.

In a bourgeois school on the outskirts of Beirut, in 1982, children lived the first days of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Inspired by a memory of the director, this first film takes us to a singular place where war, although off-screen, already marks the consciences of innocent unbelievers. The message is clear, some scenes get their good suspense. If the whole remains applied, we will remember this interminable day when anxiety took precedence over recklessness, with as a common thread the look full of anguish of Nadine Labaki as a teacher without news of her family. A.C.

Soul Kids **

By Hugo Sobelman, 1:15 a.m.

Soul Kids.

The Stax Music Academy, a free music school, offers Memphis teens the chance to get away from a tough day-to-day while learning about black American history. Modest but endearing and relevant, this French documentary follows students from this musical oasis sponsored by the legendary label Stax Records. Framing them as closely as possible, the director probes the emotions that cross them when they take up old standards of soul whose words resonate with current events. It is as much about (pretty) voices here as it is about looks. That which the American company carries on the black community but also that which its members have of themselves, their history and the future. Bap.T.

Frida live life *

De Giovanni Troilo. 1h38.

Frida live life.

Frida live life.

(A Contracorriente Films)

This documentary traces the exceptional fate of Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), the Mexican icon who embarked on painting during the months of convalescence after the bus accident of which she was the victim. By focusing on both the artist with the body tormented by pain and the woman in love with Diego Rivera, the film provokes emotion, in part thanks to the erudite explanations of the curator of the museums dedicated to her in Mexico City. and illuminating archive footage. But why fill the narrative with superfluous dreamlike parentheses and a commentary by Asia Argento facing the camera? The story is disjointed and the rhythm jagged. S.B.