July 2, 2022

The best films of the year 2021: our top 10


West Side Story de Steven Spielberg

Should not?… We are not going to talk endlessly on the comparison with the original. Who gave us two and a half hours of happiness from each shot? Who dazzled us with his technical virtuosity? Who jostled us with a flamboyant and heartbreaking story that remains fully relevant? In short, who gave us a total cinema show? It’s Uncle Spielberg, once again!


Annette de Leos Carax

We had already received a slap by discovering this opening of Cannes 2021. But this tragic, baroque and sung body-to-body between Adam Driver, the cynical comedian, and Marion Cotillard, the glamorous singer, has matured further. Their child will be forever remembered. Carax is rare, but large. ” So May We Start “, Intone the Sparks: we could watch the stunning looping opening shot.


Audrey Diwan’s Event

One of the major emotions of the year. Beyond the suffocating societal discourse (a young student who wants to have an abortion in France in the 1960s), there is the universal struggle of women to dispose of their bodies, including in the quest for pleasure. With the added bonus of a revelation: Anamaria Vartolomei.


Julie (in 12 chapters) by Joachim Trier

Not within the reach of everyone to capture the zeitgeist. Behind modern romantic comedy lies the incredible portrayal of a generation on the run, indecisive and under pressure. There is the necessary hindsight and benevolent irony. Long live the actress Renate Reinsve.


Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel

There again it is a question of the consent of women, but in medieval France, soaked in mud, sweat and blood. And above all through the prism of the pride of men. No matter how real a rape is, it is the swords that decree the truth. Spectacular and sharp. Another lesson from the prolific Ridley Scott.


First Cow de Kelly Reichardt

Exclusive platform, then discreet exhibition in theaters … Distributed in a rather hazardous manner, this contemplative, hypnotic and strikingly beautiful western shakes up the mythology of the American pioneers by means of a soft and overwhelming friendship. Or how a cow crystallizes nascent capitalism.


Les Intranquilles by Joachim Lafosse

We don’t know if this intimate drama will end up in many top 10s, but we haven’t recovered from this heartbreaking family love affair strangled by illness (bipolarity). We suffer with Damien Bonnard. We cry with Leila Bekhti.


Dune by Denis Villeneuve

One of the most sumptuous shows that we have seen this year. By adapting the Frank Herbert monument, Villeneuve and his slew of stars (Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya…) brilliantly remind us that science fiction is not just a teenager’s business. Magic of the big screen.


Nomadland de Chloé Zhao

Almost a documentary on these new nomads who reconnect with the great American spaces. Forgotten by the economic system facing a new form of plenitude, unless it is a great void. To see for the gaze of Frances McDormand.


Gagarin by Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh

So there, we did not see it coming, this SF social fable where a kid builds a space station in the bowels of his low-cost housing estate in demolition! A dreamlike poem that permanently redefines the suburban film.

And also…

They would be right above … if it was a top 20

To choose is to renounce. But we keep a place in our heart to Titanium, The Cloud, The Olympics, Tehran Law, A hero, Threaten, Promising Young Woman, Lost illusions, Pieces of a Woman and The Father. And To die can wait by the way (damn, it exceeds)!

These comedies that made us write yellow …

We have already explained that each week brings its share of French comedies. Sometimes lazy, it must be said. Sorry, but we looked at our watch in front Operation Portugal, Each home, The sense of family, Spoiled rotten and My dearest children.

… and others of good heart

Conversely, we applaud the audacity, the finesse of writing, the tender benevolence or the severe stripping. Fortunately, not all at the same time. It gives The speech, We are made for each other, Presidents, It’s life, OSS 117: red alert in black Africa, The origin of the world Where Barbaque.

Girls who cost more than an arm

A prince in New York 2, Venom 2 : Let There Be Carnage, Chaos Walking, Wonder Woman 1984… Roughly speaking, it cost between $ 60 million and $ 200 million. We know that the price of fruits and vegetables is on the rise. But the turnip one exploded!

Everyone loves them … except us

We have the right to disagree. Already that it is sometimes complicated to be it with oneself. In short, films have generally received good press. But not with us. Bergman Island annoyed us. Memory put us to sleep. Malcolm & Marie infuriated us.