May 22, 2022

The best children’s films of 2021 for €3.50 per screening

Notice to fans of the seventh art: the Télérama Children’s Cinema Festival is back from February 9 to March 1, 2022! On the program, the best children’s films of 2021 for the modest sum of €3.50 per screening… A perfect activity for the holidays which are fast approaching!

We found THE perfect plan for a successful family day out… From February 9 to March 1, take advantage of low-cost movie screenings with the Télérama Children’s Cinema Festival! In the program : a retrospective of the best youth films of 2021, selected by Télérama.

The festival is an opportunity to introduce the youngest to the seventh art through feature films and short youth films, for €3.50 per session with the Télérama pass, to be found in the magazine of February 9 and 16, 2022 and soon on the Télérama application!

Télérama Children’s Cinema Festival © Télérama

For the fifth edition of the Télérama Children’s Cinema Festival, (re)discover the 16 favorite films of Télérama and attend four film previews, distributed in several partner rooms in the four corners of the capital! We reveal the program…

The 16 best children’s films of 2021:

  • Little mom – by Celine Sciamma
  • The Roots of the World – by Byambasuren Davaa
  • The good life – from Clemence Madeleine-Perdrillat and Nathaniel H’limi
  • Crossing – by Florence Miailhe
  • Driving Zero – by Jean Vigo
  • The Wolf People – by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart
  • Even mice go to heaven – by Jan Bubeniček and Denisa Grimmovà
  • Charm – de Byron Howard
  • Waiting for the snow – from Nina Bisyarina and Lenka Ivancíková
  • Mom is raining heavily – from Hugo de Faucompret
  • Laurel and Hardy: first strokes of genius – from Leo McCarey with Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel
  • Belle – De Mamoru Hosoda
  • Lynx – by Laurent Geslin
  • Enchanted gardens – from Déborah Cheyenne Cruchon and Judit Russian.
  • Vanilla by Guillaume Lorin.
  • My neighbors’ neighbors are my neighbors – by Anne-Laure Daffis and Leo Marchand

The four films in preview:

  • The Big Day of the Hare – from Dace Riduze and Maris Brinkmanis
  • The Tiger who invited himself for tea – from Kariem Saleh et An Vrombaut
  • Icare – from Carlo Vogele
  • Luck smiles on Mrs. Nikuko – De Ayumu Watanabe

At the same time, the Forum des Images also organizes cinema screenings for the youngest, every Wednesday and Sunday, with a selection of the greatest masterpieces to (re)discover!


Télérama Children’s Cinema Festival 2022
From February 9 to March 1

Photo of one: paris ©Max Topchii