May 22, 2022

The Batman: here are the cult films that inspired the director

The highly anticipated The Batman will be released in theaters next March 2. The due date approaching, director Matt Reeves took part in the Q&A game for the English magazine Esquire.

He returns in particular to the genesis of the project and his various inspirations to build the universe and the personality of the Batman of his film.

A Kurt Cobain-style Batman

We thus learn that rather than shooting yet another reboot, Matt Reeves looked for a way to a Bruce Wayne who has never been seen in the cinema. This is how he imagined a character who has cut himself off from the outside world after the death of his parents: What if this guy got so lonely we didn’t know what he was doing? Is he some kind of rebellious, reckless, drug addict? The truth is that he is a drug addict. His drug is his addiction to this impulse for revenge. He’s a Kurt Cobain-style Batman.. »

Comics Batman : Year One published in 1987 by screenwriter Frank Miller directed Matt Reeves towards a young Batman plagued by doubt who can’t manage to regain control of events. The director also cites as an influence the great classics of 70s cinema, such as The French Connection, Chinatown and Taxi Driver.

As for the choice of the main actor, Reeves explains that he lookedGood Time with Robert Pattinson while writing the script, and that the desperation he conveys to the camera in this film is perfect: “i figured he has some kind of inner rage that connects to this character, and i can feel that desperation».

Just over a month from the film’s release, a new poster was also revealed. She gives us a better look at the antagonists of the film: Catwoman, The Penguin and the Riddler:

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