June 30, 2022

The actor starred in 27 Christmas movies and still plays the same character

This actor starred in 27 different Christmas movies and played the same character in all of them.

A familiar face to anyone who enjoys party movies, Wong first played the character of Kenny Kwon in the mystery film. Third man out (2005) playing the detective’s sidekick.

Little did he know he would end up reprising the same role in 26 other films.

By shooting Third man out, Wong befriended Ron Oliver, the film’s director who went on to make Hallmark films that can be characterized by romantic storylines, feel-good humor, and family fun.

Credit: Hallmark Channel

After assuming the new role, Oliver brought in Wong and actively created space in each of his Hallmark films for a character named Kenny.

Wong told CBC News, “While Ron started working for Hallmark, Kenny started working for Hallmark. It just became a thing.

“The fans seem to be reacting and 27 movies later, here we are. “

Kenny tried his hand at a dizzying array of careers throughout his Hallmark journey, with roles as wedding planner, television director and hotel manager.

Wong joked that “the whole time I thought Kenny was still undercover as a detective,” referring to the character’s first role in 2005.

The actor said, “He just has these identities that allow him to go into these different universes. “

Originally from New Zealand, Wong started acting in 1999 and has also made appearances on the popular television series. Riverdale – where he doesn’t actually play, Kenny.

Previously, the Canadian actor revealed his background as a Jehovah’s Witness, which he admitted to quitting following his introduction to work in the film industry.

This meant that Wong hadn’t celebrated Christmas or the holiday season properly until he started playing the role of Kenny in Ron Oliver’s Hallmark films.

He is also staunchly against criticism that the Hallmark films are “too old-fashioned.”

Credit: Facebook / Nelson Wong
Credit: Facebook / Nelson Wong

He said, “These Hallmark movies are actually more true to life, I would say – nice people doing their best given their circumstances. “

Not only are the Hallmark Christmas films criticized for their plots and supposedly cheesy themes, the production company has also come under close scrutiny for its lack of diversity as the majority of the characters are white and , when portraying love stories, Hallmark usually only portrays heterosexual couples. .

However, Wong argues that films have become more inclusive in recent years as audiences “aren’t happy with seamless portrayals of families.”

For example, Hallmark released their first gay Christmas movie last year, This Christmas house, who followed a man who is about to adopt a baby with her husband.

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