July 2, 2022

The 8 films added to Disney + from December 20, 2021

Only a few days left before Christmas, but with the programming for the week of December 20 on Disney +, we already believe it. The content that will be added this week is largely aimed at the youngest. Magic, playfulness and action form the explosive cocktail of content that will be available for this new week.

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You can spend the holidays with a nice little selection of eight films.

Mary Poppins Returns – December 22

This Rob Marshall film brings a classic of cinema and musical comedy to life. With Emily Blunt in the role of Mary Poppins, we follow the daily life of Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw) employed in a bank. The latter has not changed domicile. He still lives at 17 allée des cerisiers.

He lives there with his children John, Annabel and Goergie. As the Banks family go through difficult times following the loss of a loved one, Mary Poppins will magically make this comeback in their lives.

Paddington – December 24

We follow the adventures of a Peruvian bear who has just arrived in London. This bear by the name of Paddington set out on this journey in the hope of finding a home. But nothing will be easy for this sympathetic bear who will come up against harsh reality.

However, he will not be brooding for long, because he will make a beautiful meeting that will change his life. Paddington will be welcomed by the Brown family with whom he will bond to the point of being considered a full member of their family. His dreams of a better life come true.

Paddington December 2 – 24

Our dear friend Paddington is already well established in London and is spending happy days with the Brown family. Already well acclimatized in his new city, he is already well known to the inhabitants with whom he gets along wonderfully. Everything seems to be going well for Paddington.

As his Aunt Lucy’s birthday approaches, Paddington sets out on a quest for an original gift, as a 100e birthday, that doesn’t happen every day. In his research, Paddington finds a very mysterious animated book which reserves him a lot of surprises. What does his new find have in store for him?

Alvin and the Chipmunks – December 24

Christmas is fast approaching and who says Christmas, says Christmas tree to decorate. Exactly, a tree has just been felled, but it was in fact inhabited by three little squirrels named Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

His three little squirrels therefore find themselves without a roof. At the same time, a singer-songwriter named Dave is passing through to perform one of his songs at a record company. While he is on the start, the three rascals hide neither seen nor known in his bag. Dave eventually discovers their presence and is amazed to see that they are good at speaking, but can sing too. This meeting seems to announce the beginning of a new adventure full of humor and follies.

Alvin and the Chipmunks December 2 – 24

The Chipmunks Alvin, Theodore and Simon are back for new adventures even more sassy. They are at the height of their art and their musical career has never been better. But our three friendly squirrels will have to return to the school benches.

The music program of their establishments is in danger of disappearing and to prevent this, the Chipmunks expect to win the sum of 25,000 dollars by participating in a contest. But the three daredevils will have a lot of business with attractive competitors who do not intend to let themselves be so easily.

Alvin and the Chipmunks December 3 – 24

The Chipmunks are not done with us. This time the little squirrel band is on vacation. They enjoy a superb cruise in the company of the adorable Chipettes. But these scoundrels are unable to remain wise and keep chaining nonsense. They don’t seem to want to calm down in the slightest.

In yet another blunder, they end up stranded on a desert island with the Chipettes. Dave panicked looking for them. Still stranded on the island, our young singers will quickly realize that they are not alone. It’s off again for a new adventure that promises to be intense.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Go all out – December 24

Dave is about to take the plunge. The singer-songwriter is all set to settle down and ask for his girlfriend’s hand on a Miami getaway. But the Chipmunks fear that Dave decides to abandon them following this marriage proposal.

They decide to do everything possible to derail this marriage and stay with Dave forever. Alvin, Théodore and Simon hit the road aboard their racing car and intend to go full blast to be on time. These little buggers really don’t know when to stop. What nonsense will they invent us this time?

Mr & Mrs Smith — 24 décembre

Romance, espionage, action and comedies come together in Doug Liman’s film. This film puts in scene Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a couple without history which seems to spin the perfect love. But all this is only the parity submerged in the iceberg.

The two lead a double life and are all unaware of each other. Mr. Smith (Brad Pitt) works for a secret organization. Mrs Smith (Angelina Jolie) is a contract killer. Although they do not know everything about each other’s activities, the situation will quickly change when they are in charge of the same contract. One thing is certain, there may be breakage.