July 2, 2022

The 50 Shades of Gray star coming soon to a Marvel movie? – Cinema News

One of the stars of the sultry 50 Shades of Gray franchise recently shared her desire to dive into the world of superheroes. She has even had the opportunity to discuss it with Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios.

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In an interview with the New York Times for the promotion of the acclaimed Belfast of Kenneth Branagh, which could well end up at the Oscars, Jamie Dornan evoked a very different genre of films: that of the superheroes.

The actor, revealed to the general public by the erotic trilogy 50 Shades of Gray, first spoke about his fans, usually gay women and men. “What did I do, three war movies? You’d think it would help my straight men cause a bit, but probably not. I think you have to be in the comic book world to really get their attention“, he confided.

The adaptations of comics is thus a genre that the Irish comedian would like to explore. He has also auditioned for superhero roles in the past, such as Superman, which was ultimately assigned to Henry Cavill. But he also met up with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige to discuss a possible role, which has yet to materialize.

I’m more ambitious than I’ve ever let it seem before“He admitted. Because playing a superhero is now almost always synonymous with success, which he seeks especially since he became a father.

A coveted role for her children and for her father

It is like a necessity to provide and ensure, a bit like a caveman: I must succeed for these precious little beings. Plus, since my dad died, it’s kindled that extra fire in me, that extra urge to want to succeed.“, explained Jamie Dornan.

The trajectory of an actor he admires? That of his friend Robert Pattinson, who went from a franchise adored by young girls – Twilight – to a successful career in the independent circuit and on the verge of returning to blockbusters with nothing less than The Batman.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I feel like he and his team played it very cleverly. Everything he’s done since Twilight has been really smart and beautifully crafted, and these movies wouldn’t have been funded on his behalf if he hadn’t starred in these billion dollar movies.“, he declared, absolutely ready to follow in his footsteps!

In the meantime, find him next March in Belfast: