January 29, 2022

The 5 best alien movies on Netflix

Netflix and the 5 best alien movies

Today we are going to introduce you to the 5 best films in the vast catalog of invasions of alien it would end mankind, so if you like this kind of movies then read on.

Watch these sci-fi films which in addition actionThey also have suspense and tragic endings.

The truth is, one of the favorite genres for Netflix users to enjoy its vast catalog in 2022 is science fiction, and the favorite movies are those played by beings from other planets.

That’s why we bring you the 5 best movies about an alien invasion that would end humanity below.

These films feature not only spectacular action and special effects, but also moments of terror, suspense and tragic endings.

So, if you are a lover of these types of movies, here are some of the best about invasions of beings from other planets that you can see on Netflix to enjoy:


The fifth wave

In a future Earth where there are virtually no human survivors after four waves of a planned alien invasion, a young woman tries to survive amid fear and mistrust.

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War of the Worlds

This movie is an adaptation of the book by HG Wells, which tells of an invasion of Earth by alien beings, so that the terrible battle that humanity must fight to survive centers on an American family.



Biologist and former soldier, she joined the mission in search of her husband, disappeared in a region with restricted access.

As they roam the area, they discover that it is populated by terrifying creatures, which in turn are as beautiful as they are deadly.



A father has a recurring dream in which he loses his family. His nightmare becomes reality when the planet is invaded by a brutal and destructive force. This is how the protagonist must find the strength to try to save his family.


Avenue Cloverfield 10

After a traffic accident, a young woman wakes up captive in the house of a man who claims to have saved her because, according to him, there has been a chemical attack and going abroad means loss.

Despite the kindness of the subject, she’s not sure if he is cheating on her into keeping her or telling the truth, but what’s out there could be worse than she imagines.