July 1, 2022

The 3 films added to Netflix from January 24, 2022

Notice to moviegoers! This week, Netflix invites you to discover three fresh new releases. On the program: three films that you might like if you are a fan of comedy, drama or sports. You will both laugh and cry in the company of these three feature films offered by the streaming giant this week of January 24.


Marilyn Has Black Eyes – Comedy, Drama

This sentimental comedy tells the story of Diego and Clara who are opposites: Diego is withdrawn and angry, Clara is very extroverted and fearless. And yet, their paths will cross when they are entrusted with the management of a restaurant. While the collaboration promises to be difficult, Diego and Clara discover with surprise that they actually make a very good team. But things get complicated when feelings get involved… “Marilyn has black eyes” offers a pretty romance that is sure to please romantics at heart.

Home Team – Comedy

It’s comedy week on Netflix! With “Home Team”, the streaming giant is delighting American football fans. The film indeed invites you to discover the year of suspension of Sean Payton, the coach of the New Orleans Saints. For the record, Payton had been suspended for a year by the NFL following a resounding scandal. He then decides to return to his hometown to find his 12-year-old son. He tries to reconnect by coaching his boy’s football team, but it’s not so simple in the end. “Home Team” is a fresh and touching comedy, you will both smile and groan!

The Falls – Drame

As the Coronavirus continues to rage, Netflix invites you to discover “The Falls”, a film which takes place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The story follows a mother and her daughter who find themselves confined together for their greatest displeasure. They maintain a rather conflicting relationship, to which are added the personal difficulties of each. Cohabitation isn’t easy, but maybe it’s an opportunity to finally talk to each other with an open heart and try to reconnect? It’s a touching and captivating story that Netflix invites you to discover.