May 14, 2022

The 3 films added to Disney+ from January 21, 2022

The week of January 17 has some nice surprises in store for Disney+ subscribers. As is the case every week, new content will be incorporated into the catalog of the streaming platform. This week, you can discover three new films.

Credit: 123RF

Your program on the Disney+ platform will mix adventure, suspense and action. It’s still a good week ahead of subscribers.

Unbreakable — January 21

Since his earliest childhood, Elijah Price has suffered from a form of osteogenesis. The consequence of this evil is that he feels his bones break at the slightest shock, no matter how small. His only outlet in the face of osteogenesis is his passion for superheroes. As the owner of a comic book store, Elijah spends his days going through old files related to major disasters.

After having studied a file, the latter carries out investigations to find the trace of possible survivors. If usually this does not succeed, everything will change with a train accident which will cause 131 victims. In all this chaos, only one person survived this tragic accident.

Glass — 21 janvier

The story of “Glass” follows the events of the movie “Unbreakable”. Since the terrible train accident that caused more than 131 victims, Elijah Price, the man with osteogenesis is interested in the case. He seems to have crucial information on this tragic event and in particular on two very mysterious men. They are David Dunn aka the Unbreakable Man and Kevin Crumb aka the Beast.

While the police are interested in Elijah’s information, a hunt is underway. David Dunn has been chasing Kevin Crumb for a while. The latter who is known as “The Beast” suffers from a personality disorder. He is able to take on exactly 23 different personalities.

The Incredible Journey of Polar Kid — January 21

This film by Mike Magidson takes us on an extraordinary adventure of two exceptional people. Loïc Blaise is a young driver who hasn’t been able to pursue his passion for nearly three years. The latter is suffering from multiple sclerosis and after three years of inactivity, he decides to take control of his life. In July 2017, he decided to take a trip on his plane to northern Siberia.

In this adventure, he will be accompanied by the famous cosmonaut Valéry Tokarev. From the boreal forests to the icebergs of the far north, the journey will not be easy. This film is a superb message to show that even illness cannot prevent a person from achieving their dreams, regardless of adversity.