July 4, 2022

The 3 films added to Disney + from December 27, 2021

The Disney + streaming platform has not yet finished feasting its subscribers in 2021. As you know, each week has its share of new content added to Disney +. The week of December 27 will not be an exception to the rule either. To start the home stretch of the year, three films will make their debut on the platform.

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On the program, you will have giggles, action and mystery.

Boule & Bill (December 27)

Bill, the famous red cocker spaniel arrives on December 27 on Disney + to make us laugh like never before. The king of stupidities will put another strain on the nerves of his master and best friend Boule as well as all those around him. He is still so reluctant to take a bath and prefers to play with his new friend Caroline the turtle.

In the film directed by Alexandre Charlot and Franck Magnier, Bill still tries to find his marks in his new home. However, there are disasters and as the whole family moves to Paris, a new life begins for them all. But as usual, our dear red cocker spaniel with very long ears will still make his own to the chagrin of Boule and his parents.

Fight Club (December 31)

Fight Club is a film by David Fincher which tells the story of a man in need of reference. The latter who seems to be alone in the world will integrate a disreputable group. In search of thrills and interactions, he will join a clandestine place known as the Fight Club.

This unusual place is run by a man named Tyler Durden. This man is difficult to pin down and is a real eccentric. From megalomaniac to guru, he is at a crossroads. He is also a bit of a philosopher and constantly preaches the love of his neighbor to whoever wants to hear him.

Gone Girl (December 31)

The movie Gone Girl is a thriller inspired by the novel by Gillian Flynn entitled “The Appearances”. This story takes us into the life of Nicholas and Amy Dune, a New York couple who moved to Missouri. As they were due to celebrate their fifth year of marriage, a tragedy arose. Amy magically disappears. It is as if it had evaporated in nature. Nick is in shock when he finds his house upside down.

While the police conduct their investigation to find Amy as quickly as possible, suspicion will gradually turn to Nick. He goes from the grieving husband to the main suspect in this case and his attitude does not help his case. He seems little affected by the disappearance of his wife. Little by little, the little secrets about the couple will be revealed and the truth about Amy’s disappearance will be revealed.