January 24, 2022

The 2 movies you should have seen this month already

The year is drawing to a close and as it usually happens around this time, the reviews are starting, as we have already started to see among users of Spotify who showed their Envelope. The lists of the best series and films are also appearing, in a year where presence has resumed in theaters after the absence that caused the pandemic throughout 2020. Among so much on offer, there are two productions that you do not shouldn’t stop seeing.

Charm (Disney)

As with every time an animated film is presented with the seal of Disney, Charm there is no shortage of it and it is a production which, thought for the whole family, may be the ideal shot for those who have not yet seen it. The story centers on the Mirabel family, a group of people who live in the middle of the Colombian jungle and have magical powers which are awarded by a candle and a house. Everyone in the family has a gift except for Mirabel, who for some reason did not receive one.

The story of Charm to the music of Lin-Manuel Miranda, which is already a plus for those who love songs at the movies, but also its message is very precious. It’s a production that clearly shows that we are much more than our gifts and abilities, that there is strength in weaknesses, and that it is useless to work alone when you want to achieve a goal. The film premiered in Latin America on November 25.

The French Chronicle (20th century workshops)

The last film of Wes Anderson It’s a love letter to journalism like the one we don’t see so much anymore. An ode to the old chronicles of the graphic press in which stories of life and places were told in details that almost made it into a story. With the art that characterizes the cinema of this director, The French Chronicle has a luxurious cast, with characters like Timothée Chalamet, Benicio, the bull, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson, Tilda swinton and Jeffrey Wright.

The French Chronicle It is presented as a kind of anthology in which, once the building in which the newsroom is located has been shown, in addition to telling who the journalists are, it begins to tell the different stories that are part of the latest publication of the Revue. The film is sorted on November 18 and has a 74% approval rate in Rotten tomatoes.

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