January 23, 2022

The 10 Must-Have Christmas Movies on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, and Apple TV +

Christmas, the perfect opportunity to make the best films taking place during the holiday season. For the occasion, we offer you our selection of the 10 unmissable!

Credit: Universal Pictures

Christmas is approaching and like every year, the perfect opportunity to make the best films taking place during the holiday season. But times are changing and you don’t have to skip the TV to find the perfect program. Streaming services are the cream of the crop. Both Netflix and Prime Video, Disney + and Apple TV +. To save time on December 25, the editorial team unveils its selection of the best Christmas movies. Ten programs to find your happiness and end the year 2021!

Le Grinch (Netflix)

The Grinch is the villain of the Christmas holidays. In this animated film from the creators of Me ugly and nasty, Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) doubles the villainous character. A character more tender than you think: a little girl could make him want to end Christmas in the village of Chouville. The perfect movie for the whole family!

Miracle on 34th Street (Disney +)

Imagine. A man pretends to be Santa Claus, looks like Santa Claus, and passes for a fool in the eyes of the whole world. This is the story of Miracle on 34th Street : a man finds himself interned, claiming to be the famous man in the red outfit. A young lawyer, convinced that the latter is telling the truth, decides to defend him in the face of justice.

Mom, I missed the plane (Disney +)

Do we really have to present THE Christmas classic whose house you can rent on Airbnb? Mom I missed the plane tells the story of young Kevin forgotten by his parents at Christmas. The 9-year-old will have to repel thieves through mischievous traps. A must to find on Disney +.

Love Actually (Netflix)

What better time than Christmas to celebrate love? Love Actually, it’s the perfect choral film for the holiday season. Great romantic stories with a prestigious cast. Hugh Grant, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Clin Firth, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman…

Le Pôle Express (Netflix)

How about boarding the Pôle Express? The perfect animated film for Christmas, directed by Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back to the future…). The story of a young boy doubting the existence of Santa Claus. On board a train heading for the North Pole, our hero lives incredible adventures and crosses paths with some passengers …

The Man Who Invented Christmas (Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon Prime Video is not left out and offers its Christmas film. The one narrating the origins of myths like Scrooge. We discover Charles Dickens writing a tale constituting the magic of this festival celebrated around the world by drawing on his memories.

The Christmas Battle (Apple TV +)

He’s our favorite on Apple TV +. This documentary tells the story of Christmas’s biggest fan, Jeremy Morris, who wants to share traditions with everyone in a small, typical American town. But his projects are foiled by an association of owners. The opportunity for a crazy adventure questioning the notion of rights and interests. Who said Christmas couldn’t be political?

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney +)

Do we really have to present The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack ? A film bearing the stamp of Tim Burton and dipping into the Christmas celebrations with a hint of Gothic. The perfect cross between this party and that of Halloween accompanied by endearing characters, pretty music, etc.

Klaus (Netflix)

Klaus, a superb animated film available on Netflix. A beautiful story in which a young postman finds himself working in a small town in the North Pole. And you can imagine, the postman will cross the path of Santa Claus. A little gem in terms of aesthetics to reserve for young and old alike!

Elite Elves: Secret Operation of Santa Claus (Disney)

And a short film to celebrate Christmas well. In this animated production, Mrs. Claus entrusts a crucial mission to the elves. That of recovering a mysterious object in the office of her husband, the famous Santa Claus.