January 29, 2022

The 10 best crime films from the 2000s to 2020 you must see

Ⓒ CJ Entertainement/ Universal Pictures/ Warner Bros.

The investigative / detective film has always been a safe bet in cinema. American cinema, mainly, but also French, German, British, Korean, Indian… Every year, investigative films abound, sometimes managing to brilliantly deconstruct the codes of the genre to deliver an ambitious and different proposition.

Admirers of thrills, investigations and dark terrains, this list presents 10 detective films among the best and most striking of the 21st century, to (re) discover.

10. Don’t tell anyone

Among the astronomical amount of choice of investigative / police films from the 2000s, we thought we needed a home-grown film. For his first thriller, Guillaume Canet chose to adapt the novel of the same name by successful author Harlan Coben. And for a first, it’s damn well done.

Do not tell anyone follows a wounded man, Alexandre, who is struggling to recover from the murder of Margot, his wife, by a serial killer. Eight years after his death, he receives a mysterious email with a video link on which appears a woman who looks exactly like Margot. From there, a frantic race begins. Alexandre, necessarily deciding to unravel the underside of this enigma, goes fishing for information. But in his race, he will quickly fall prey to killers, the police and a politician.

Do not tell anyone unveils a gallery of characters as eclectic as they are successful. The breathtaking rhythm of the film holds its breath until its final resolution. The plot is abundant and the suspense at its height. We run with his main character (François Cluzet) in all directions, asking us the why of this whole story. A rich and ambitious film that is good for French cinema.