May 26, 2022

Star Wars Oscar-winning editor rocks JJ Abrams’ ‘sucks’ movies

The last trilogy Star Wars greatly divided fans. Especially since there is a striking difference between the two films of JJ Abrams (Star Wars 7 and 9) and that of Rian Johnson (the much maligned Star Wars 8 the last Jedi).

Today Marcia Lucas, ex wife of George Lucas but especially editor of the original trilogy, balances on JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy.

In the scathing preface to Howard Kazanjian’s book called A Producer’s Life, Marcia Lucas doesn’t mince words: “These stories suck. Just lousy. Horrible. You can quote me.”

Obviously, the American, who won an Oscar with Star Wars but also worked on Taxi Driver and American Graffitti, resents JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy who killed Han Solo without ever being able to explain Rey’s origins.

Extract from his words: “I really appreciate Kathleen Kennedy (boss of Lucasfilm -nrd) … She was resourceful, she is intelligent and brilliant. An extraordinary woman. And I also loved her husband Frank (Marshall, also producer, editor’s note) … But now that she’s at the helm of Lucasfilm, it looks like she and JJ Abrams have no idea what Star Wars. They don’t understand this saga. And it’s JJ Abrams who writes these stories …

When I saw the movie where they kill Han Solo, I was furious. Really pissed off that they got rid of him that way. There was absolutely no reason to do so. I was like, ‘You haven’t understood anything about the history of the Jedi, or the magic of Star Wars. Are you just bored of Han Solo? ‘ Then they disintegrated Luke. They had killed Han Solo, now they were killing Luke Skywalker and they had no Princess Leia anymore. In addition, they swing a movie by. As they imagine it is important to attract a female audience, their new main character is a female, who is believed to have Jedi powers, but it is not known how she obtained them, or who she is. These stories suck. Just lousy. Horrible. You can quote mer.”

Good atmosphere …

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