January 29, 2022

Spider-Man No Way Home: Why Is This Marvel Movie Good News For Paul Thomas Anderson? – Cinema News

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If some great filmmakers regularly share their negative opinions on superhero films, this is not the case with Paul Thomas Anderson, who is even delighted with the release of Spider-Man No Way Home.

Director of demanding films, Paul Thomas Anderson nonetheless appreciates more mainstream productions such as superhero films, which he does not hesitate to defend where some of his colleagues prefer to hit them.

While promoting his new feature film, Licorice Pizza, the filmmaker was interviewed by The New Yorker on the current cinematographic landscape, at a time when the future of theatrical cinema seems in danger.

There is no end to the ‘heaven is falling on our heads’ questions that always surround movies and what is going to happen. Obviously, it got even more complicated with the streaming and glut of superhero movies. Most of the things I don’t take too seriously”, He declared then.

Against a current

And to focus more particularly on Marvel or DC films: “I mean, it seems there is some concern with superhero movies. I like them. It seems like it’s popular these days to wonder if they haven’t ruined the movies and all that stuff. I don’t feel it like that.

Beyond loving superhero movies, Paul Thomas Anderson even sees them as a good thing for the industry:

Look, we’re all nervous about people going back to the movies, but you know what’s going to keep them coming back to theaters? Spiderman. So let’s be happy for that.

And indeed, Spider-Man: No Way Home, expected in theaters of France from tomorrow, should not fail to cause a tidal wave at the box office.

This could revive the machine just before the release of Licorice Pizza on December 25 in the United States and January 5 in France. Film which has just received 4 nominations at the Golden Globes.

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