July 2, 2022

Spider-Man: 6 Marvel hero films to watch on Netflix

With “Spider-Man: No Way Home” currently in theaters, why not (re) experience the other Spider-Man cinematic adventures? Almost all of them are available on Netflix.

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After being bitten by a genetically modified spider, Peter Parker, a photographer, discovers supernatural powers. Become Spider-Man, he engages in a merciless fight against the wealthy industrialist Norman Osborn, alias the Green Goblin. In the role of Spider-Man for this hero’s first live adventure on the big screen, we find actor Tobey Maguire, who will once again slip into the costume for Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 (also available at Netflix).

Director Sam Raimi does not hide his apprehension about directing Spider-Man. “I was aware of entering sacred territory: Spider-Man has three generations of admirers behind him …”, he says. “As a fan, I had a terrifying responsibility. I focused on what makes the authenticity, the spirit, the soul of the character, to tell the best story possible.”

For Sam Raimi, it wasn’t about reinventing the famous spider-man costume, but rather about “translate it to the screen”. The costume designer explains that“It took six months of development. The costume is based on tension, it is made in one piece from the boots to the top of the head. The fabric was printed with a computer-generated rectangular pattern that creates the illusion of dimension, almost a 3D effect. There are over 120 individual screenprinted designs on the costume, for shading and light reflections … “


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The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker, abandoned by his parents and raised by his uncle, who looks like a shy high school kid until he becomes Spider-Man. He will then use his new powers to lift the veil on Dr. Connors’ secret plans, and perhaps uncover the truth about his father … After Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield has the formidable privilege of playing the spider-man on the screen (he will do so a second time in The Amazing Spider-Man: The Fate of a Hero, also available on Netflix).

You don’t become the spider-man without effort! Andrew Garfield must have experienced it as the training he went through for the role was so intensive. For more than six months, the actor was followed by a coach and a nutritionist advisor to increase his muscle mass. He also worked with the Armstrong family, responsible for the stunts, to do much of the work himself. On the program: six days a week training in basketball, martial arts, trampoline and the discipline of parkour, democratized by the Yamakasi.


Sony Pictures Releasing France

The feature film Spider-Man: Homecoming is the Marvel superhero’s first adventure with Tom Holland in costume. The actor had released the latter with a first appearance, noticed, in the credits of Captain America: Civil War.

Tom Holland reveals that he was hiding in a New York school to prepare for the role of Peter Parker. “The coolest thing I could do for this movie was secretly go to a New York school in the Bronx “, he says. “No one knew who I was or what I was doing. I remember I took on a false identity and took on an accent. I was there for three days, it was really great.”

An accomplished gymnast, Tom Holland did not have to resort to intensive training to be physically credible in the skin of the Weaver. He also had fun posting videos of him doing somersaults in a gym to demonstrate his abilities. He was able to perform many stunts himself during the filming of the blockbuster.

Tom Holland says he developed these skills while playing the musical Billy Elliot in the West End. “I think my work on Billy Elliot is one of the main reasons I got this role”, considers the actor. “I had a great training for this musical, that’s where I learned everything I know about gymnastics. And not a day went by on this movie that I didn’t use these skills. . “