July 1, 2022

Spider-Man 3 is the highest grossing film in Sony history

Sony Pictures is likely to post the best score in the history of its films with Spider-Man 3 (Spider-Man: No Way Home).

A fine record for No Way Home – Credit: Sony Pictures

No one is surprised at the success of Spider-Man 3 (Spider-Man : No Way Home). For months, this new stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was widely talked about. Between rumors of the return of old characters and clues to the multiverse (already introduced by Loki on Disney +), fans were impatient. And it did not fail since the spectators respond present at the cinema despite the pandemic context. A success like the feature film could be the highest grossing in Sony history, just that. Recall that previously, the Japanese company was already hitting hard at the box office with Venom, Spider-Man : Homecoming and Far From Home.

$ 610 million in profit for No Way Home

According to a report, Sony Pictures to exceed $ 1.13 billion in global revenue from Spider-Man 3. We’re talking about a record profit of $ 610 million! Considering the $ 200 million for production and $ 248 million for marketing, Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro is optimistic. Box Office Editor Also Combines Household Recipes to estimate a revenue of 135 million dollars (streaming, Blu-Ray, etc).

To compare, Homecoming and Far From Home show a respective profit of 200 million and 339 million dollars! Disney won $ 500 million with Avengers : Endgame, $ 417.5 million for The Last Jedi and $ 300 million for L’Ascension de Skywalker.

Unfortunately, another Christmas blockbuster does not take advantage of this craze …

Matrix 4 (Matrix Resurrections) struggles to find his audience

Image 2: Spider-Man 3 is the highest grossing film in Sony history
Matrix 4 is less successful – Credit: Warner Bros.

Yet hailed by the press and spectators, Matrix 4 (Matrix Resurrections) does not convince. Launched a week after the Weaver film, Lana Wachowski’s film has only posted $ 69.8 million in worldwide exploitation since December 22. It must be said that the feature film is very pirated since it is available on HBO Max at the same time. The first opus brought in 27.8 million dollars at the American box office in two days (March 31 to April 2, 1999). Over the same period, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions were $ 42.5 million and $ 48.5 million.

Source : ComicBook