May 24, 2022

Spencer, Nightmare Alley, Macbeth, the recap of the best films to see this week

Whether you prefer cinema or streaming, we have selected for you the best releases of the week, between Shakespearean tragedy in black and white and uchronic biopic.

We recently made a funny observation: our mood changes according to the schedule of cinema releases.

Take a week where only films by Philippe Lacheau and Philippe de Chauveron are scheduled and all you’ll get from us is a weary pout, a dull complexion, and a desire to say shit to everything.

But take this week of January 19, when the outings are as diverse and eclectic as they are splendid, and you’ll see us smiling at the morning meeting.

It must be said that today, we are particularly spoiled, the proof by 4!

Spencer by Pablo Larrain

If it was lucky enough to be released theatrically in the United States, it is only available in France on Amazon Prime Video, and that’s already better than nothing.

Spencer, it’s an uchronic biopic unlike any other, and whose only trailer does not at all pay homage to the entire product.

The film opens with a Lady Diana lost in the English countryside, in search of her vanished past.

Depressed, on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the young woman intends to postpone her arrival at the Windsor vacation home as long as possible.

And for good reason: she is now aware that her husband is cheating on her, which is ultimately a lesser evil compared to the others, namely the contempt and wickedness she inspires in the royal family.

Far from a classic biopic, Spencer offers a dive into the psychological depths of Princess Diana, looking if not a documentary, at least a horror film.

Spencer, Nightmare Alley, Macbeth, the recap of the best films to see this week

The Windsor home is filmed as a house haunted by the presence of Anne Boleyn, a historical martyr with whom the princess identifies, who sucks in souls never to let them out again.

Deprived of her freedom, like a pheasant (an animal that the Princess undertakes to save from her son’s gun) that would have been bred for hunting, she sinks into the abyss of her own depression and gives in entirely to her eating disorders.

Thus, Diana spends part of the film vomiting in evening dresses, dresses that she could not choose herself, as she could not choose anything else. His condition depends entirely on the goodwill of his in-laws.

In the hell that is his life, only one lifeline: his father’s house, not far from the Windsor home.

Spencer, it’s the UFO of the moment, the filmic object that plays with codes to confuse anyone who finds itself in its path.

Intoxicating production, sublime photography, frightening slowness, haunting music: there is nothing to complain about this cinematographic essay carried by a Kristen Stewart who finds her best role here.

See Spencer on Amazon Prime Video

Nightmare Alley, by Guillermo del Toro

NIGHTMARE ALLEY | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

Very prolific, the Mexican director is currently working on no less than four feature films.

After The Shape of Water, a film that was considered prodigiously insipid and sewn with white thread, unlike the Academy of Oscars which awarded him four prizes, the marvelous filmmaker returns to the big screen this year with Nightmare Alley, a feature film more tortuous and striking than his last.

Nightmare Alley, it’s the story of a man named Stanton Carlisle who arrives at a traveling fair and manages to win the good graces of a seer, Zeena, and her husband Pete, a former glory of mentalism.

Learning from them, he sees this as a way to get his ticket to success and decides to use his new talents to rip off the elite of good New York society in the 1940s.

Spencer, Nightmare Alley, Macbeth, the recap of the best films to see this week

With the virtuous and loyal Molly by his side, Stanton sets out to hatch a plan to cheat a powerful and dangerous man.

Like the characters in this film, which are too singular not to seduce, we were bewitched by the spiteful Stanton Carlisle, taken by a Bradley Cooper to places of his usual roles, but also by Lilith Ritter, played by Cate Blanchett or again by Zeen Krumbein, camped by Toni Collette.

One of the most striking films of its audacious creator.

Macbeth, de Joel Coen

The Tragedy of Macbeth | Official Trailer HD | A24

For the first time in the history of his cinematography, Joel Coen officiates solo, without his brother as co-director or co-screenwriter.

And it is clear that he managed to pass the test of fire with brilliance.

We note in passing that the filmmakers tackling William Shakespeare’s play always choose the option of overaestheticization, like Justin Kurzel in 2015 in his grandiloquent version which preferred the photo to the story or in this new version in black and white, very theatrical, whose staging is a tour de force.

Spencer, Nightmare Alley, Macbeth, the recap of the best films to see this week

With Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand and Alex Hassell in the main roles, Macbeth appropriates the iconic story of Macbeth, leader of the Scottish armies, who hatches a terrible plan with his wife to ascend the throne.

Obsessed with power, the two spouses plunge into the abyss of madness.

A film of tenuous extravagance and whose staging is beyond measure, which was distributed in a few theaters in the United States and is only available in France on Apple TV+.

Watch Macbeth on Apple TV+

The Chef, de Philip Barantini

THE CHEF Trailer VOST (Drama, 2022) Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson

In this feature film by British director Philip Barantini, an incredible one and a half hour sequence shot – in real time and behind closed doors – takes us into the kitchen of a posh London restaurant, during the Christmas holidays, at the hour of the shot.

Spencer, Nightmare Alley, Macbeth, the recap of the best films to see this week

Andy Jones (incredible Stephen Graham) is a chef who manages his brigade with an iron fist, but who makes mistakes and drinks alcohol in secret.

A control of the hygiene services, customers with eccentric demands, a malevolent former colleague… More and more weight weighs on his shoulders. How long can he hold out?

His head cook, Carly (Vinette Robinson) is forced to take charge of all the failures of the big boss.

An edifying film on the reality of kitchens, in cinemas from Wednesday 19 January.

You now have four reasons to fake a gastro to leave your job quickly and discover the wonders currently on display.

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