May 22, 2022

shooting the Wachowski movie was a nightmare for Channing Tatum

Jupiter Ascending, the Wachowski film we love to hate (or the opposite?) was hell to shoot for one of its main actors, Channing Tatum.

In the list of unloved films that we will defend until the end (in any case, part of the editorial staff), despite the flop at the box office or the critics who tore it to pieces, Jupiter: Fate of the Universe des Wachowski has a very special place (well, not so special since Cloud Atlas underwent not very distant treatment).

Not free from flaws, for example with its somewhat silly characters and some freewheeling interpretations, Jupiter Ascending begins to find posterity as a generous blockbuster who didn’t deserve to be shot down in flames at festivals where he should never have wandered.

“Listen to me bro, aren’t you happy to be here with me?”

In the main roles of this space Cinderella story, we find Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. If, after 2015 and the flop of Jupiter Ascending, Mila Kunis has managed to find some success in comedies such as Bad Moms and its sequel, Channing Tatum went on career hiatus from 2017.

And if taking a break is a healthy habit for high-profile actors (ask Jennifer Lawrence), one wonders what motivated the actor – appeared in 23 films between 2010 and 2017 – to disappear from the screens for almost 4 years. His return was therefore an opportunity for Variety to question the actor on some of his successes, and on some productions that are more exhausting than others, among which, Jupiter Ascending :

“I did 4 films in a row without taking any rest. I wasn’t as good as I would have liked to be during the last two films because I didn’t have the energy. […] Jupiter Ascending was a nightmare from the start. It was an aside, a somewhat secondary film. We were all there for 7 months working hard. It was just tough.”

Planned in 2014 before being postponed, the cursed fruit of a power struggle inside the Warner studios, Jupiter Ascending comes as the painful end of a succession of films for the 41-year-old American actor. Seven grueling months of shooting allow the film to see the light of day, before reaping a very lukewarm if not completely frozen press.

However, we can rejoice in the return of the actor in 2022 with Dog, a comedy in which he is the main actor and also the director, or even The Secret of the Lost City, which will see her return with Sandra Bullock under the direction of Aaron Nee. To find Channing Tatum, you will have to go to dark rooms on April 20, 2022, the film’s release date. The Secret of the Lost City.