May 22, 2022

Schwarzenegger as Zeus in a movie? We finally have the answer! – Cinema news

After playing with our nerves by posting a poster representing him as Zeus, Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally lifted the veil on this mysterious project around the God of Olympus.


The secret will soon be revealed! On January 27, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a poster out of nowhere on his social networks. The actor revealed himself in the costume of Zeus, the supreme god from Greek mythology.

Menacing gaze, full white beard, protruding armor, lightning bolts at his fingertips… the former Terminator imposed his charisma. The latter was followed by the German actor Ralf Moeller, who posted a poster representing him as Poseidon, God of the sea and oceans.

These posters have panicked the Web! Was Schwarzy revealing a secret project to us? An Avengers of the Gods of Olympus? The mention “Released in February 2022” appeared at the bottom of the poster, enough to leave the public wary.

The most likely hypothesis was the announcement of a commercial scheduled for the Super Bowl, which will take place on February 13. The final of the American football championship is followed by millions of television viewers around the world.

In 2021, there were more than 96 million in front of their post. This sporting event is a huge showcase for advertisers, who are ready to break the bank to run advertisements, especially at halftime of the match.

This hypothesis therefore turned out to be true. On February 2, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as Zeus in a goofy video announcing an ad for BMW. The latter is well planned for the Super Bowl. The rumors can therefore stop running. Whoever fought a Predator and camped a Terminator (before becoming Governator) will not embody Zeus in the cinema.

See you now on February 13 to discover this advertisement which will promote the German car brand. In the meantime, in Schwarzy’s upcoming projects, we find Triplets, a sequel to Twins, and The Legend of Conan, the return of the famous barbarian.