January 26, 2022

Santa Claus is garbage: another Bronzed man is hiding in the film

Corentin Palanchini

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Mentioned in the credits of “Father Christmas is a junk”, the actor Michel Blanc, historical member of Splendid is present in the film, but you will not see him there. (Re) discover his amazing cameo!

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During the holidays, and as is tradition every year, Santa Claus is rubbish on television. Directed by Jean-Marie Poiré, interpreted by the entire Splendid team, this comedy marked a generation of spectators and continues to be transmitted to a new audience.

However, while they are all present, the members of the Splendid troop are not all easy to spot. If Thierry Lhermitte, Marie-Anne Chazel or Christian Clavier are there, it is more difficult to detect the presence of Michel Blanc. Only one clue is given during the opening credits:

Trinacra Films, Films A2, Les Films du Splendid

We must then wait until the end of the first quarter of an hour of the film to hear this voice, which utters obscenities to the ears of Thérèse (Anemone). Pierre Mortez (Lhermitte) hangs up very quickly, putting an end to the obscenities in question, hoping that whoever calls will quickly tire of monopolizing the line of the “SOS distress-friendship” association.

A striking vocal cameo, therefore, which allows Michel Blanc to be present, he who had already slammed the door of the Splendid for the cinema, but had agreed to return to replace Gérard Jugnot in the role of Felix, thus becoming Santa Claus of the piece for 15 days. An experience that Blanc will have mixed memories of, noting that where Jugnot made the public laugh, he only managed to “freeze” them.

Trinacra Films, Films A2, Les Films du Splendid

Thérèse (Anemone) victim of the telephone pervert

This scene of the telephone pervert is also present in the play (which was filmed), but it is the voice of Jacques Delaporte that we hear pouring out a slew of insanities at poor Thérèse. Delaporte was then one of the members of the music group called “Le Grand orchester du Splendid” and a close friend of the theatrical troupe. He notably signed the music for some of their films such as Night of drunkenness, Marche in the shade or The Heroes are not cold in the ears.

No “winter break” for Michel and Michel, who point out the errors of the film: