July 1, 2022

San Andreas: a sequel still with Dwayne Johnson? – Cinema news

A year after the release of San Andreas, broadcast tonight on TF1, it was announced that the disaster film with Dwayne Johnson was going to have a sequel. Where is she today?

Big hit of 2015, San Andreas tells how a mountain rescue helicopter pilot tries to find and save his daughter after the opening of the San Andreas fault caused a magnitude 9 earthquake in California.

Faced with the good box office results (474 ​​million dollars worldwide) of this disaster film, the New Line studio launched the development of a sequel in 2016. It was then reported that this new adventure of the hero embodied by Dwayne Johnson would take place on the Pacific Ring of Fire, another area particularly prone to earthquakes.

But this San Andreas 2 hasn’t really been talked about since this announcement… until 2021. Indeed, last July, actress Alexandra Daddario, who played Johnson’s daughter in the first film, has expressed his skepticism about the realization of this sequel.

During the Collider Ladies Night, she thus confirmed having had discussions about it a few years ago and that an early draft of the script was well written but added: “As far as I know, that won’t happen.

A “great idea”…

A few months later, however, during an interview for SiriusXM, Dwayne Johnson explained why the film still hasn’t been made: “We have a great idea for San Andreas 2, at least I think it’s great. You know, honestly, the challenge we face is with my schedule.

And the actor specifies that he has, until then, preferred to focus on films with the potential to eclipse all the others such as Red Notice (released on Netflix last November), Jungle Cruise (released in cinemas in the summer last) or even Black Adam (expected in theaters next July).

… who will have to wait!

San Andreas 2 is therefore not completely dead but it is clearly not Dwayne Johnson’s priority either, even if Warner would very much like it to see the light of day as recently assured Collider the president of the production of the firm created by the former wrestler, Seven Bucks Productions, Hiram Garcia.

We really calculate what we want to tell, but our partner studios want a sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth 2, San Andreas, Rampage… For all these films, the studios were asking for sequels, but we collectively said to ourselves: ‘ Look, we told a great version of the story. Now we want to go tell another story somewhere else’”, he thus declared.

And for now, it looks like Dwayne Johnson’s next shoot is…Red One, a Christmas movie for Amazon Prime Video.

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