May 22, 2022

Sam Raimi doesn’t know if his Doctor Strange 2 is over (and we fear the worst)

Within the Marvel machine, Sam Raimi is no longer sure if his Doctor Strange in the The Multiverse of Madness is finished or not. And it’s scary.

After a monster success with a Spider-Man : No Way Home recycling the legacy of the old Spideys, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will stay in continuity by returning with Doctor Strange in its next highly anticipated feature film: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Directed by Sam Raimi who returns to the superhero genre after having delivered an excellent trilogy around the weaver in the 2000s, the film should materialize the opening of the multiverse, and series like Loki Where WandaVision.

However, this second part of the adventures of the Doctor has so far been mainly illustrated by its somewhat chaotic production. It is in this context that when promoting You are dead Helen of which he is a producer, Sam Raimi answered the question of Variety As for the progress of the Marvel movie:

“Internet users ask if we will end up like Justice League”

“If only I knew the answer to this question [savoir si le film est terminé, ndlr]. I think we’re good, but we’re just cutting everywhere at the moment. We are starting to test the photo, and we will see if there are things to keep or change. If anything is unclear or if further improvements need to be made, and if I can do it in such a short time, I will. One thing I know about Marvel teams is that they don’t stop. They will keep pushing until they get as close to perfection as possible.”

If Sam Raimi remains faithful to the Marvel house and to the teams under the orders of Kevin Feige, we feel he is disoriented in the production process which promises to be intensive until the film’s release in May 2022. And it is not particularly reassuring that Sam Raimi does not know where his film is, implying what everyone feared since his arrival on the project: that he was under the orders of Marvel and could not really express his point of view. Suffice to say that by being unable to say if his film is finished, one can imagine that he does not have/no longer really has control over the final cut.

Doctor Strange : Photo Docteur Strange“I would like to go play outside but I have reshoots to shoot”

We already explained to you in November 2021 that Sam Raimi and his teams were leaving for a massive period of reshoots at a Stakhanovite rhythm of 6 days a week. Difficult to conclude on the quality of the film from this announcement (the pandemic and the diaries of the actors could have played in the return of the teams for additional sequences), especially since Benedict Cumberbatch invited us not to worry.

And if reshoots are commonplace for big productions, they can augur a quality film (like Rogue One) like an industrial disaster (Justice League Where Suicide Squad).

To find out if Doctor Strange managed to get back on his feet, you will have to go to theaters from May 4, 2022 to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.