May 24, 2022

Sam Heughan triumphs on Netflix with films

Lately, European actors have started to trample in Hollywood and, one of them is Sam Heughan. The performer, catapulted to international fame thanks to the arrival of Foreigner On Netflix, he is currently one of the most acclaimed stars by the public and, in fact, he himself keeps adding projects to his agenda.

Although he is currently on vacation in Mexico after the filming of the sixth season of Foreigner, Sam Heughan continues to triumph on Netflix, but this time it’s not thanks to the series based on Diana Gabaldón’s books. It has always been common knowledge that in the shortcomings of their series the actors take the time to work for other types of productions and Heughan is among those who make the most of his free time outside of Scotland. .

Sam Heughan on vacation in Mexico. Photo: (@samheughan)

This is why at the moment the Scotsman already has some great films on his schedule and, one of them is Spy who dumped me. The film, in which Heughan is not the exclusive protagonist but still has an important role, arrived on Netflix on April 17 and continues to reap global successes, being one of the funniest and action films ever. of the latest weather forecast.

This feature film, in which Sam Heughan plays Sebastian Henshaw, has Mila Kunis as the protagonist and follows the story of Audrey, a young woman who, unhappy after her breakup, discovers that her ex is a spy and that after this deception, she will be responsible for saving the world in a mission she undertakes with her best friend. However, that’s not the only success that Sam is on.

It is that, as he himself announced on social networks, on August 27, it will arrive on Netflix SAS: red notice. A thriller and action film in which a small army of well-trained criminals hijacked the Eurostar in the English Channel and it means that, while traveling from London to Paris with his girlfriend, a special forces agent must take action.

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