January 25, 2022

Ranking of the most viewed films at the cinema in 2021 in France (Kaamelott at the foot of the podium).

The ranking of the most viewed films in cinema in 2021 in France. While there is a week left before closing 2021, only three films will exceed three million admissions in France this year.

Spider-Man : No Way Home, which was viewed 2.87 million times between December 15 and 21, needs “only” 1.1 million more admissions to be the most viewed film of the year.

To die can wait remains leader in the meantime with 3.98 million spectators in France. A much lower success than in Germany and the United Kingdom. According to boxofficemojo, 775 million dollars of receipts in the world including 32 million in France, 73 million in Germany and 128 million (!) Across the Channel!

Dune is third with 3.16 million admissions. France is one of the countries which has given this film the best reception.

First French production, Kaamelott ranks 4th with 2.65 million admissions. Released last summer, this comedy was penalized by the beginnings of the health pass. A period when attendance fell, sometimes very clearly.

Top Quinté completed by the French drama North Bac, with the amazing Gilles Lellouche and François Civil. 2.22 million spectators.

Fast & Furious 9 is to date the sixth and last feature film to reach the mark of 2 million tickets sold. “Small” vintage for the franchise with 2.03 million admissions.

In 7th row, a surprise, Conjuring. The horror film drew 1.89 million people.

8th place very provisional for the anime Charm, which can aim for 5th position: currently 1.76 million admissions.

Marvel then in the spotlight, with Black Widow and Eternals, which accumulate respectively 1.72 and 1.70 million spectators.

The Tuche 4 will enter the top 10 next week. 1.44 million admissions as of December 21.

The rankings will be updated next Wednesday, following the reveal of the last weekly box office of 2021.