January 18, 2022

Paul Thomas Anderson again on superhero movies. He’s already praising Spider-Man.

Paul Thomas Anderson promotes his latest film Licorice Pizzawho will likely be in the running for the Oscars. He’s a director whose films have never dropped below a high standard and, based on reviews, this time around is no different. In an interview, he has already revealed that in the war “arthouse cinema against superhero films”, he is on the side of knits. He revealed that he is a fan of the MCU and that in his family he watches Marvel movies with great pleasure. At the time he praised Shang-Chithat he liked very much.

Superhero movies don’t destroy the cinema

In an interview with The New Yorker, the subject of the state of the film industry and the recurring debate that superhero movies destroy cinema, which was openly started at one point by Martin Scorsese, was discussed. While many older-generation directors are on Scorsese’s side, Paul Thomas Anderson, 51, speaks: I love superhero movies. He doesn’t think these movies spoil anything.

Spider-Man will save the cinema

The director praises Spider-Man and announces that he is the reason people will be returning to theaters after months of hiatus due to the coronavirus. The discussion is about Spider-Man : No Way Home, which hits theaters on December 17th and will break records.

– We’re all nervous in the industry to get people back to theaters, but you know what will bring them back to theaters? Spiderman. Let’s rejoice in this.

Paul Thomas Anderson is going to make a TV series?

In the same interview, he states that he’s not opposed to working on series, but admits he doesn’t know where he would start. He mentions that he discussed it with Quentin Tarantino, that they often struggle to write a screenplay because they have so much material that they have to cut after the shoot, and then they wonder if they shouldn’t do a series. He adds, however, that it’s not a solution to push everything on the screen, because you have to focus on what came out well. That’s why he doesn’t really know how he would approach a series for good, because he hasn’t seriously thought about making one.

– I don’t watch series a lot, so I’m not sure how it works. Structure is something I should learn. I don’t want to sound like an idiot. I’ve obviously watched episodes on TV, but there is a certain rhythm and structure to the writing of the story that needs to be broken down into multiple episodes. So it would be a great learning process.

Licorice Pizza – which will premiere in French cinemas on December 31, 2021.