July 1, 2022

online movie reviews. Is this a new opening for the series?

Resurrection matrix is a return after almost 20 years to the popular sci-fi series and the conflict between machines and humans. Critics commented on the production. The series currently has 138 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, of which 95 are positive and 41 negative. This translates to 70% good reviews, with an average rating of 6.4 / 10.

Critics curiously praise the new film’s self-awareness, knowing that it’s actually intellectual property designed to make money, a sequel that didn’t need to be made. However, the series created a philosophical hurdle that the main characters have to overcome with the help of fans for some unworthy reasons. One reviewer even claims that it has been a long time since a film broke the fourth wall with such zeal. Besides, the production is supposed to make good use of the series’ legacy by bringing fanservice to a meta-level.

Journalists point out that the film is weird, crazy, devious, and has many layers, but it’s also witty and touching. One reviewer claims we’ve never seen anything like it, not on this scale, in a Hollywood blockbuster. What we praise above all is the love story of Neo and Trinity, which forms the heart of the production and compensates for the less spectacular action scenes than in previous productions, which, in the opinion of the critics, this time will bring nothing new to action cinema. However, in one of the reviews you can read that you can see in the production the director’s joy in returning to this world and she gives us some great plot ideas, one of which is really horrible.

Among the cast, praise goes to Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss, who have not lost their luster and continue to perform their roles well. New names include Jessica Henwick as Bugs (voted best new character in the series by critics) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus 2.0.

Interestingly, negative reviews claim that the film’s aforementioned self-awareness is one of its weakest elements. They are also victims of the underdeveloped plot and overly philosophical nature of the story, which creeps in at every turn. One reviewer even claims that while the first film was an eulogy of simplicity, the latest production is a full course on MIT. And the action scenes, which reporters say cannot be compared to footage from previous films, receive poor reviews.