January 23, 2022

one of the most popular movies on the platform

The start of 2022 is very lucky for the film. Don’t look up On Netflix. Once again, Adam McKay’s production topped the streamer’s weekly (global) charts. Among the top ten are several newcomers to the platform, such as Mother / Android, Girl or somewhat older licensed films like Cheat the key and Journey to a mysterious island. The number of viewers remains high thanks to Red note, Inexcusable and animation Wild team.

Also noteworthy is the ranking of non-English speaking films from January 3-9. In the lead, a Polish production – How I fell in love with a gangster. The continuation of the story How I became a gangster. The True Story of 2020 subscribers watched for 6.15 million hours.

Netflix – TOP 10 English language movies (January 3-9)

Netflix – TOP 10 non-English language movies (January 3-9)

A satirical film by Leonardo Dicaprio, Meryl Streep i Jennifer Lawrence starring Jennifer Lawrence, which first premiered on Netflix on December 24, 2021, is climbing the rankings for the most popular English-language movies. The ranking, which takes into account audience figures for the first 28 days since its debut on the platform, Don’t look up is already in 2nd position! AT Red notewhich tops the list, is just over 40 million hours spent by subscribers watching the film. As a result, she dropped out of the rankings. Army of the dead (186.5 million hours). In turn Inexcusable with Sandra Bullockand finally climbs to 5th place.

Netflix – TOP 10 Most Popular English Language Movies

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