May 24, 2022

On Netflix and Prime Video, 2 good movies and series to watch on Friday

So what are we watching on Netflix and Prime Video tonight? If you’re having trouble making up your mind, this article might help. Like every week, we recommend two films and series to watch with pleasure in the SVoD catalog of services.

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Today, Ex Machina and The Man in the High Castle have been selected. Here’s why they’re worth a look.

What movies and series can I watch on Prime Video?

An excellent series: The Man in The High Castle (Prime Video)


1947. The United States finally surrendered to the combined forces of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. The lands of Uncle Sam are therefore now shared between the two powers that rule the new world with a masterful hand. But, fifteen years later, the Führer is dying and his agony completely reshuffles the cards. Tensions between the Germans and the Japanese are heightened and in this troubled context, resistance is organized. A group of rebels tries by all means to pass a banned propaganda film. A perilous mission from which not all will come out unscathed.

CNET France’s opinion

Adapting a novel is always a perilous exercise and many people have broken their teeth. Obviously, we were very curious to discover The Master of the High Castle, taken from the famous novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. Well, we might as well say it straight away: we were not disappointed, the series by Eric Overmyer and Frank Spotnitz keeps all its promises.

Uchronia is an interesting narrative construct in many ways. Starting from a historical point of view, here the Second World War, it allows a completely fictitious story to unfold. In The Master of the High Castle, the mastery of the codes of the genre is very good. The universe is rich, credible and rather well explained, even if we would have liked a few more details. To remedy this, it will be necessary to read the book.

The series can also count on its unique atmosphere to seduce. Carried by its unusual plot, sublime sets that do justice to the time of the story and a concrete scenario, it shows potential from the first episode, before rising to crescendo. Moral of the story: if you haven’t already, watch The Master of the High Castle without hesitation.

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An effective film: Ex Machina (Netflix)


Caleb is a genius coder employed by BlueBook, the world’s most powerful search engine. One day, he was offered a weeklong stay with Nathan, the manager of the company. In this isolated house in the middle of the mountain, Caleb meets Ava, an artificial intelligence who takes the features of a beautiful young woman.

CNET France’s opinion

Alex Garland had previously proven himself to be a talented screenwriter with films like 28 days later, Never Let Me Go Where Dredd. In 2014, he passed a new stage and decided to start directing – still in the field of science fiction – with the excellent Ex Machina. Domhnall Gleeson plays Caleb, a talented coder who finds himself in a disturbing camera with his boss and an artificial intelligence that seems very human.

Ava (who takes the features of Alicia Vikander) was invented by billionaire Nathan Bateman. The latter is unlike any other wealthy magnate. Far from the austere Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, he is played by a bald Oscar Isaac with a full beard who does not hesitate to wiggle his hips on a dance floor illuminated by neon lights in an iconic scene.

The plot of the film revolves around Caleb’s burgeoning feelings towards Ava. In fact, one can quite easily compare Ex Machina and Her by Spike Jonze. This obviously leads to a whole series of fascinating questions about artificial intelligence, its dangers, ethics and the limits of technology when taken to the extreme. Aesthetically, Ex Machina is a pleasure for the eyes and the direction of Alex Garland is very controlled. It’s a thrilling sci-fi thriller the way we like them and you won’t regret giving it a chance.

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