May 22, 2022

new series and films not to be missed in February 2022

The first original French series from Disney+ will appear in February on the streaming platform. “Week-end Family” features Eric Judor (“The Infernal Montparnasse Tower”) in the midst of three ex-wives, three daughters and a new lover. For more tumultuous relationships, don’t miss the sulphurous story of “Pam & Tommy” on Star.

Eric Judor is the hero and head of the family in the Week-end Family series

Eric Judor is the hero and head of the family in the Week-end Family series // Source: Disney +

You had known Éric Judor as a humorous accomplice of Ramzi in The infernal Montparnasse Tower. Here he is a father at the heart of a strange tribe made up of his 3 ex-wives, 3 daughters with whom they spend all their weekends. But a new woman arrives in his life… Disney + draws Week-end Family, his very first exclusive French series.

One of the attractions of the new series and films to be discovered in February. A family comedy series that contrasts a bit with Pam & Tommy, a series reserved for the greatest on the tumultuous and truthful relationship between a television star and a rocker, while the sex tape of their marriage is stolen and leaked on the internet. More family-friendly for the upcoming winter holidays, is also coming Ralph 2.0.

Series added in February 2022

Week-end Family

The first series made in France from Disney+ finally arrives on the service. Week-end Family directs Eric Judor (H, Plane tree, The infernal Montparnasse Tower) as the father of a blended family that meets every weekend. A man, three ex-wives and three daughters to manage. Until the day Fred, the father, falls in love with a fourth woman. A comic and chaotic series to discover from February 23 for 8 episodes of 26 minutes.

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Pam & Tommy

In the late 1990s, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, the naiad ofBaywatch, form the hottest couple of the moment. It’s the sex tape of their honeymoon, stolen during a burglary, sold and shared on the internet, which gave them access to rock’n’roll icon status. The series available on the Star world (forbidden to those under 18!) looks back on this event, between love story and criminal offence, private life and notoriety to manage. Lily James (Cinderella) takes on the features of the luscious blonde while Sebastian Stan (preview in Captain America) is the tattooed rocker in this series. A tumultuous trip from February 2.

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  • February 2:
    • Pam & Tommy (three episodes, then one a week)
    • Bluey (season 2)
  • February 9:
    • American Housewife (seasons 1–5)
    • Scrooge’s gang (season 3)
  • February 16: The Fosters (saison 3)
  • February 23: Week-end Family

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Movies and docs added in February 2022

Ralph 2.0

One of the best universes of animated films created by Disney. Ralph La Casse and Vanellope von Schweetz return to service in this sequel to Ralph’s Worlds. This time, the video game hero leaves the arcade room to venture into the world of the internet to find the part they need to repair Vanellope’s game terminal. An animated film that puts a humorous eye on our 3.0 habits, not without a rather well seen point of criticism. On your marks, get set, set off on February 18!

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Alita : Battle Angel

A high-flying cast for this film by Robert Rodriguez (One Night in Hell, Sin City, episodes for The Mandalorian Where The Boba Fett Book) with Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds, Spectre), Jennifer Connelly (Snowpiercer, an exceptional man), Edward Norton (Fight Club, American History X) or even Michelle Rodriguez (Fast & Furious). Alita is a young cyborg who wakes up with no memory of her past or who she is. She meets a doctor who will make her aware of her assets, essential to escape those who track her.

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No Exit

This thriller will send shivers down your spine and not just because of its wintry vibe. Darby, a young student, must urgently return to her family. But she finds herself stranded by a snowstorm in the company of mysterious strangers. She then discovers that a missing young girl is in the van of one of the individuals stranded with her on a motorway rest area with no way to leave the place… Mystery to be solved from February 25th.

Le thriller No Exit

Le thriller No Exit // Source : Kirsty Griffin – 20th Century Studios

  • February 2: Trajectories of Egypt (doc)
  • February 4:
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox
    • Death on the Nile
    • My father (doc)
    • The Book of Manning (doc)
  • February 9: Rassemblement : the making-of de Hawkeye (doc)
  • February 11th :
    • The favorites
    • Calvary
    • give me your hand
  • February 16:
    • Assembled : The making of Eternals (doc)
    • Blackpink le film
    • Discovery of Belgium (doc)
  • February 18:
    • Mickey’s Wonderful Winter
    • Ralph 2.0
    • Alita : Battle Angel
  • February 23: Cool attitude: Even cooler
  • February 25:
    • No Exit
    • Taken, Taken 2, Taken 3
    • Love is better with two
    • Under the same roof
    • Arthur and the Invisibles
    • Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard
    • Arthur 3: War of the Two Worlds
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