July 2, 2022

New movies and series to watch on Netflix from November 19 to 25

Netflix balances a number of films and series in its catalog each week, without being noticed or the platform officially announcing it. Ecran Large reviews the new features added by Netflix from November 19 to 25, films and series included in a non-exhaustive list.

What are the movies and series not to be missed this weekend on the streaming platform?

“- Large Screen, I read your article, but where’s the Hellbound review? – Promise, it’s coming”

Tick, Tick… boom !

Already on Netflix – Duration: 1h55

What does it talk about ? As he approaches his 30th birthday, a promising composer juggles love, friendship and the desire to accomplish a grandiose work before it is too late.

Why do you have to watch it? Everyone is anxiously waiting to see if Andrew Garfield will return to service as Spider-Man in Spider-Man : No Way Home from Marvel. And frankly, instead of asking this question to which everyone has known the answer (yes) for months given the endless promotion, it would be time to look at his best performance of the year (and of his career): Tick, tick… Boom !.

Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Broadway virtuoso determined to become the master of Hollywood musical, the feature film is a complete success. The musical drama is carried by a catchy musicality, but above all by fascinating reflections on the artist’s life, creativity, artistic obsession … By plunging into the bubbling spirit of Jonathan Larson to better tell his story, Tick, Tick… Boom ! manages to do justice to his memory while delivering a heartbreaking love letter, causing chaos, a stimulating playground open to all possibilities. Unmissable.

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cowboy bebop

Already on Netflix – Duration: 10 episodes of approximately 50 minutes

photo, Alex HassellLucius Malfoy after the room

What does it talk about ? Spike, Jet, and Faye are always stylish … and broke bounty hunters who scour the solar system for missions, and escape Spike’s past.

Why do you have to watch it? At least out of curiosity. Cowboy Bebop has earned its place in the pantheon of legendary animes with its jazzy vibe and polished art direction. Marked by its iconic characters, we were very curious to discover this adaptation made in Netflix and its performers in the person of John Cho, Daniella Pineda or Mustafa Shakir.

Obviously, with such a powerful base material, it’s hard to live up to it, but this adaptation could at least have the virtue of pushing a few curious people to check out the original anime. Furthermore, with Yoko Kanno’s return to music, some legendary compositions may make a comeback, and that new songs delight our ears.

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Already on Netflix – Duration: 6 episodes of approximately 50 minutes

photoAngels or demons?

What does it talk about ? Creatures from elsewhere violently condemn people to hell and promote the emergence of a religious sect based on the theory of divine justice.

Why do you have to watch it? Because original universe creations are rare enough to deserve our full attention, especially when they escape from such a fascinating brain as Yeon Sang-Ho’s. Complete artist, he will stand out with two absolutely ruthless animated feature films, The King of Pigs and The Fake, both of which explore the mechanisms of subordination, oppression and outbursts of violence, which runs through a social group under pressure.

Ideas that can be found at the center of Korean comics Hellbound, which he wrote, and for which he now directs the serial adaptation. A project all the more interesting as the artist does not lack experience, since he is also the director of the Last train to Busan. Ugly beasts, an enigmatic cult and crazy faithful … that’s what promises!

jack reacher

On Netflix November 21/2012 release – Duration: 2h10

photoCaptain Boomerang vs Captain cascade

What does it talk about ? A former military policeman is drawn into a cat-and-mouse game when he investigates a sniper accused of five homicides.

Why do you have to watch it? Bryan Singer’s longtime collaborator, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) seems replacing Katie Holmes in Tom Cruise’s heart. McQuarrie and the greatest of small Hollywood actors collaborate on the saga Mission : Impossible for nearly three episodes, but McQuarrie also wrote the script for the sequel to Top Gun : Maverick. Jack Reacher is McQuarrie’s second directorial experience and his first collaboration with Cruise.

If it is very far from the disproportionate elegance of a Mission : Impossible, Jack Reacher is a kind of B-series with bits of film noir as harmless as it is sympathetic. Adapted from the eponymous novel by Lee Child, Jack Reacher is a sort of urban cowboy, an unattached character walking his badass phlegm from town to town. An ultra classic character that allows Cruise to stop play “who is at the biggest waterfall” to have a little fun. And seeing Werner Herzog as a villain is so obvious that it almost makes the film forgive everything.

Masters of the Universe

On Netflix November 23 – Length: 5 episodes of 25 minutes

photoBodybuilders of the Galaxy

What is it about ? After a cataclysmic battle, Eternia is fractured and Tila fights to save the universe with unlikely allies, in this sequel to the ’80s classic.

Why do you have to see her? Because it is a daring bet and so far very promising. Initially imagined for the sole purpose of selling toy stocks, the eponymous series has remained as a monument of kitsch pop culture, subject to misappropriation and messy memes, but also to commercial variations, as well asThe career of Dolph Lundgren painfully bears witness to this.. But for once, almost 30 years after his reign, we were wondering what could be the point of the animated remake Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

It was forgetting that it is the chief geek Kevin Smith who writes this rereading. The opportunity to dig much deeper into the gently messy “mythology” of the whole, to upset the habits of the characters, to give a little flesh to the second knives of yesterday, without forgetting to push the knobs of the action to maximum. We are therefore waiting for this second part of the reboot on a firm footing.

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On Netflix November 24 – Duration: 2:09

photo, Halle BerryHall, oh! Win!

What does it talk about ? Years after a crushing defeat, an MMA wrestler seizes her last chance to redeem herself in the cage, when the son she abandoned returns in her life.

Why do you have to watch it? Because as good fans of Rocky, we love boxing movies (well, MMA in this case) and we are very curious to discover the first realization of Halle Berry. For her first attempt, she did not do things by halves, since she granted herself the main role in addition to the staging, an exercise known to be tedious, especially when you play a fighter, in the ring or in life.

She’s not the first actress to debut behind the camera thanks to a platform. Regina King had received support from Amazon Studios for her first feature film (not counting a TV movie), One Night in Miami…. The film had toured festivals and other award ceremonies. We hope that Murder (aka Bruised in original version) will be of the same ilk and lives up to its intriguing poster.

reality in the face

On Netflix November 24 – Length: 8 episodes of approximately 60 minutes

photo, Wesley Snipes, Kevin Hart“You have to put out your most dramatic tune, Kevin”

What does it talk about ? After a calamitous night out in Philadelphia with his brother threatens to ruin his career and the rest, a world-famous comedian seeks to make up for it.

Why do you have to watch it? Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes subject to media scandal after typical night Very Bad Trip, but if we take ourselves seriously. Just there, we have a concept that is priceless. Reality in the face almost sounds like an attempt at redemption for these two actors. For Hart, a way out of his Hollywood guignolo image. For Snipes, the opportunity to end the bad roles series that he has been struggling with for a while (Blade seems far, very far …).

Interesting fact about this legal-media story, his promotion leaves us in an almost total vagueness of what could have happened during the night which will turn the lives of our two friends upside down. Unlike Netflix horror movies, which are about as scary as The New Mutants, we can hope that this thriller knows how to play its mystery to keep us going over eight episodes.

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