January 23, 2022

Netflix: Will you survive the best Zombies movies and series?

News culture Netflix: Will you survive the best Zombies movies and series?

On November 24, 2021, we had the opportunity to attend the release of Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City. It is the adaptation of the eponymous game series featuring a thousand and one zombies and whose international success is well established. To stay in the theme, the editorial staff of JV offers you a selection of the best Zombies movies and series to find on Netflix.


  • Army of the Dead
  • Welcome to Zombieland
  • Black Summer
  • Cargo
  • Daybreak
  • Zombie
  • Kingdom
  • The Hungry
  • The Walking Dead
  • Z Nation

Army of the Dead

We start with Army of the Dead, directed by none other than Zack Snyder, best known for his work on 300, Man of Steel or Justice League. The American director is not his first attempt in the zombie theme, since we owe him The Army of the Dead released in 2004. A film which was very well received at the time. Coming back to Army of the Dead, it features a team of mercenaries having to steal a multi-million dollar jackpot hidden in a casino in Las Vegas. Small problem: the city is in quarantine following the contamination of its inhabitants transformed into bloodthirsty monsters. But these have retained a part of intelligence making them even more dangerous. An action film with a relaxed tone against a backdrop of zombie slaughter, a formula that will satisfy fans of the genre.

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Bande-annonce de Army of the Dead

Welcome to Zombieland

Welcome to Zombieland is a special case. Like a Shawn of the Dead, the film by Ruben Fleischer is above all a comedy. The main character is lonely, resourceful, and finds himself plunged into the heart of a zombie apocalypse. While he tries to survive as best he can, he will have several encounters that will change the course of his life. These people will turn his misadventures into a memorable road trip in a desolate world. Humor is the mainstay of this feature film, and the interactions between the characters as well as the entertaining fights make the viewing very pleasant.

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Welcome to Zombieland Trailer

Black Summer

Let’s leave the nervousness and the “lightness” of Army of the Dead and move on to Black Summer. This rather gloomy American series follows the misadventures of a mother desperately trying to survive in a world populated by the living dead. Fortunately, our protagonist does not wander aimlessly. Thus, while accompanying other survivors, Rose will try to find her daughter who has disappeared. A bloody and merciless journey throughout the 2 seasons for a total of 16 episodes.

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Black Summer Trailer


Cargo is an Australian film released in 2017 whose main character is played by the famous actor Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock). We follow the adventures of Andy, a father evolving with his daughter, Rosie, in a world on the brink of extinction. His wife died from a bite from an infected person, and he now has to face increasingly complex choices on his own. It is then that he will meet an aboriginal who is also trying to survive. Together, they will have to help each other if they want to stay alive and protect those they care about.


Daybreak is what is called an atypical series. Following the dropping of biological bombs all over the world, all adults have been turned into zombies. The plot follows Josh Wheeler, a young Californian who sets out to find his missing girlfriend in a town ruled by groups of teenagers. And because traveling alone is boring, he is accompanied by a very special team: an arsonist aged only 10 and a teenager who has become a pacifist samurai. A simple, effective and a little absurd pitch for a series with only one season made up of ten episodes.

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Daybreak Trailer


So far, the series and films we have spoken of take the point of view of the living. The sci-fi series Zombie, she focuses on an infected and transformed person. However, this isn’t the classic undead dragging its feet and unable to utter a word. From the outside, Olivia looks normal, but in her job as a medical examiner, she enjoys devouring the brains of deceased patients. Thus, it allows him to acquire the memories and part of the physical and mental capacities of the person. This gift, our heroine will use it to solve crimes.


Among the Netflix series that have enjoyed some popularity, we find Kingdom. This Korean series sets its sights on the Joseon period as a mysterious disease seems to strike the kingdom. Prince Chang will then try to contain this scourge which is about to degenerate. Very quickly, we will have to take up arms and push back the hordes of hysterical humans eager for human flesh. A rather original setting for such a story, where the directors usually prefer to choose our time to develop a zombie invasion. For those who already know the series, the spin-off: Kingdom Ashin of the North is available on Netflix. This film, released in July 2021, traces the origins of the epidemic that devastated the world. Good news for fans of the series who want to dive back into this special universe.

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The Hungry

The Hungry is a film that wants to be a little more “minimalist”. There are no all-out explosions, massive spurts of blood, only smarter infected people. Consequently, the feature film will above all seek to frighten the spectators, and to do this relies on its atmosphere. Director Robin Aubert therefore chose the Canadian forests as a backdrop, where danger hypothetically hides behind each tree. It is in these remote places that Bonin, the main character, will try to escape the threat that is gradually decimating the rest of the survivors of the pandemic. Worse still, the living are often more dangerous than the dead.

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The Walking Dead

For latecomers, The Walking Dead is the most famous post-apocalypse zombie series. It is actually a fairly loose adaptation of the comics by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore (later replaced by Charlie Adlard). While those are over, that is still not the case with the series which is currently in its eleventh season. As for the story, it features the character of Rick Grimes, waking up from his coma only to find that the world has been ravaged by Walkers (the heroes’ name given to zombies). Over the seasons, he will meet many survivors, both evil and benevolent. The goal for Rick and his family is to survive in the midst of the chaos, and find a safe place to settle.

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Z Nation

Z Nation is an American series aired from 2014 to 2018 and has 5 seasons. It follows the adventures of a former prisoner, Murphy, the only human to have within him a prototype vaccine against the epidemic that eradicated human civilization. To hope to be able to create real antidotes, he has to go to a lab in California. The salvation of mankind therefore rests on his shoulders and, as you can imagine, the road will be strewn with pitfalls. Especially since the product injected into him causes unexpected side effects.

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