January 24, 2022

Netflix Unveils Top 10 Most Popular Movies & Series, Bonus Views

Usually, Netflix remains discreet about the viewing figures of its programs. But this time, the platform gives us some interesting figures to say the least. We can thus discover the top 10 of the most watched films and series of the platform, with rather precise figures as a bonus.

It was Ted Sarandos, director of content at Netflix himself who unveiled these figures. They are interesting because they really show how popular a movie or series is on the streaming platform. In fact, you can find out how many times each program has been viewed. There is still a subtlety because Netflix counts the number of accounts that watched at least 2 minutes of a program during its first 28 days of operation. It is therefore not completely precise: we cannot know how many times a film has been viewed since it went online.


This is hardly a surprise given the success of Season 1: the Bridgertons Chronicle is the most viewed series with 82 million views. We then find Lupin, The Witcher, Sex/Life and Stranger Things, safe bets from Netflix. On the film side, there are plenty of Netflix “made by” productions like Extraction, a film that has been at the top of the ranking for a while now, and the now classic Bird Box which had made a lot of noise when it came out. Note that we do not find The Irishman in this ranking despite the 5-star cast and the large budget allocated to the film.

But Netflix also shared a second chart that is perhaps a little more representative of a show’s success. Indeed, the latter is based on the total number of hours spent in front of the programs, always during the first 28 days of operation. We thus discover that the subscribers of the platform spent 625 million hours in front of season 1 of The Bridgerton Chronicle, which is colossal. The ranking is generally similar even if there are other programs such as 13 Reasons Why Where You. And to come back to The Irishman, we notice that it fits into this top 10, undoubtedly a lot helped by the length of the film (3:29).


We can in any case be happy that Netflix is ​​taking a new step towards the total transparency of its figures. It’s always interesting to find out which shows are popular, it can give us a bit of inspiration when we don’t know what to watch at night.

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