July 1, 2022

Netflix: the new movies and series coming out this Monday, December 27!

The end of the year is approaching and Netflix intends to end it in style. Discover the new films and series already available!

In this Monday, December 27, 2021, Netflix is ​​full of movies and series! After Don’t look up cosmic denial and The Silent Sea, the platform offers new small nuggets to its subscribers. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix plays the Korean cinema card

What better than bask in front of a movie or a Netflix series after an overloaded weekend of eating snacks and unwrapping gifts?

The day after Christmas weekend, the video-on-demand service is adding to its catalog of novelties not to be missed. Eh yes !

We start with Our Beloved Summer, a new 16-episode Korean series directed by Kim Yoon-jin. The public knows her in particular for her role in Lost: The Missing.

This dramatic comedy tells the story of a former couple who reunite several years after his separation. A documentary they shot 10 years earlier goes viral and forces them to take the same road again …

Kim Da-mi plays the role of Kook Yeon-su, while Choi Woo-shi plays Choi Woog. Kim Seong appears in the skin of Kim Ji-woog.

For some time now, the American platform has been interested in korean cinema. And for good reason ! It is a huge success with the public.

In September 2021, she struck a big blow by revealing Squid Game. Very quickly, the series then established itself as the most watched in the world.

She then fed her catalog with the excellent series Hellbound, a creation of Yeon Sang-ho. Cinephiles owe him in particular the masterpiece that Last train to Busan.

MCE TV tells you more about the new Netflix releases!

The movie not to be missed

To the delight of those who loved the first film, Netflix today welcomes Following Death to 2020 ! Yes, you did read it.

Baptized Death to 2021, this parody documentary looks back, with humor, on this new year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the casting, we find of course Hugh Brant, but also Joe Keery, Stockard Channing and Diane Morgan. So many big names on the big screen!

Earlier, Netflix fed its catalog with a new mini-series consisting of four episodes. It is Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis. Eh yes !

We also find a new korean series eagerly awaited by fans of the genre. The Silent Sea could well break all records!

On y suit a space team sent to an abandoned research station on the moon. His goal ? Collect a mysterious sample in order to save Earth from drought.

On December 24, 2021, the platform also unveiled the film which is now at the top of the ranking. You will undoubtedly have understood it, it is therefore about Don’t look up cosmic denial.

So, what novelty will you fall for? We let you take a look at the December 27, 2021 releases !