June 30, 2022

Netflix: If you liked Red Notice, discover three other films from its director

Red Notice is a hit on Netflix, so much so that we recommend three films by its director Rawson Marshal Thurber: Skyscraper, The Millers, a budding family and Dodgeball.

Frank Masi/Netflix © 2021


Former leader of the FBI hostage release commando and US Army veteran, Will Sawyer is now responsible for skyscraper security. While posted to Hong Kong, he is accused of having started a fire in the tallest tower and considered to be the safest in the world … Considered a fugitive, Will must find the criminals, prove his innocence and above all save his woman and her two children trapped in the burning building …

Why (re) see Skyscraper: Rawson Marshal Thurber reunites with Dwayne Johnson for this testosterone action movie where The Rock takes himself for Bruce Willis.

The Millers, a budding family

David Burke is a small-time dealer who is content to sell his merchandise to chefs and mothers accompanying their sons to football, but not to teenagers – because, deep down, he still has principles! While everything should be going well for him, the problems accumulate …

Preferring to keep a low profile for obvious reasons, David understands, reluctantly, that we can suffer the worst injustice even when we have the best intentions: trying to help young people in the neighborhood, he is attacked. by three thugs who steal his merchandise and his money. He finds himself in a most delicate situation since he must now reimburse his supplier, Brad. In order to pay off his debt – and stay alive – David has no choice but to play in the big leagues by traveling to Mexico to bring a large shipment of drugs back to Brad.

Managing to convince his neighbors – Rose, a cynical stripper, Kenny, who would love to test the merchandise, and Casey, a resourceful teen covered in tattoos and piercings – to come to his aid, he hatches a supposedly foolproof plan. : with his accomplices whom he passes off as his wife and two grown children, he sets sail for Mexico at the wheel of a brand new motorhome on National Day. This weekend may well be explosive …

Why (re) see The Millers, a budding family : it is the improbable meeting between Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston in a comedy that does not hold back his laughter.

Not even hurt ! (Dodgeball)

Peter LaFleur is the charismatic and underrated owner of a club of gym, pompously called Average Joe’s. But the place attracts the lusts of White Goodman, a powerful figure in the sports world, owner of the gleaming Globo Gym.

A bank commissions an expert, Kate Veatch, to infiltrate the directional cogs of theAverage Joe’s in order to finalize the takeover bid for the small gym by the giant complex of fitness. But it was without counting on the childish charms of Peter who, quickly, acquires the beautiful Kate to his cause.

An alternative presents itself to them to save theAverage Joe’s : to embark on a competition of dodgeball with the big arms of the Globo Gym.

Why (re) see Not even hurt ! (Dodgeball) : schoolboy comedy for some, cult work for others … Dodgeball divides moviegoers. It’s time to make up your own mind!